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I was born in a city
Where the winter nights don't ever sleep
So this life's always with me
The ice inside my veins will never bleed

My, ooh
My, ooh

Uh, every time you try to fix me
I know you'll never find that missing piece
When you cry and say you miss me
I'll lie and tell you that I'll never leave

But I sacrificed (sacrificed)
Your love for more of the night (of the night)
I try to put up a fight (up a fight)
Can't tie me down (down)

I don't wanna sacrifice
For your love, I try
I don't wanna sacrifice
But I love my time

My, ooh
My, ooh

I hold you through the toughest parts
When you feel like it's the end
'Cause life is still worth living
Yeah, this life is still worth living
I can break you down and pick you up
And fuck like we are friends
But don't be catching feelings
Don't be out here catching feelings 'cause

I sacrificed (sacrificed)
Your love for more of the night (of the night)
I try to put up a fight (up a fight)
Can't tie me down (down, down)

I don't wanna sacrifice
For your love, I try
I don't wanna sacrifice
But I love my time

I don't wanna sacrifice
For your love, I try
I don't wanna sacrifice
But I love my time (my, ooh)

Oh, baby
I hope you know that I, I tried
Oh, baby (baby)
I hope you know I love my time, oh

I don't wanna sacrifice
I don't wanna (woo), I try (hey)
I don't wanna sacrifice
But I love my, my time

My, ooh
My, ooh

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: Abel Tesfaye, Axel Christofer Hedfors, Carl William Eric Nordstroem, Kevin McCord, Max Martin, Oscar Thomas Holter, Sebastian Carmine Ingrosso, Steve Angello

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Ed Woods

Time for a new version of the narrative. My version goes like this:

Twenty years ago someone I was never really that close to told me something that has never been more true than it is now. That the path I was about to choose wasn’t what I thought it was. It was everything but that and those people would take everything good about me and use it against me until I became like them. Looking back it’s the fact that we weren’t that close and yet he still gave enough of a shit about me to say what he did is the reason it stuck with me. One of the few people I’ve had in my life that cared enough to just tell me the truth of things. I struggled with his death for 20 years because of it.

I should have listened to him. I never should have set foot in this river again and I only did so because I wanted to help someone. Someone who thanked me for that by torturing me mercilessly in ways that only two other people I’m aware of can fully appreciate. Someone who forever altered the closest friendship I’ve ever had. So far the narrative has been controlled by everyone else up to and including guilt manipulation for things and choices that were not mine and I had no part in. I am WELL aware of what was gained through what I was manipulated into doing and saying and by all of you yet you have no issue with spinning whatever version of reality you need to whenever I’ve raised an objection to things.

Let’s talk about what ive sacrificed, what ive lost, what ive been subjected to... 20 years of burying friends, my closest friendships irrevocably altered, damn near the loss of my own life. I haven’t seen much at all of my best friend in 12 years, none at alll of my oldest friend in 14. I’ve given up being with my kids for the first year of their life. Watched my father afraid for his life and felt like the biggest piece of shit in the world for not being able to see him in the hospital. What if he hadn’t come home? I missed my sisters wedding because of this shit and again felt like the biggest POS in the world because of it. I’ve sat here for over a year living off my old man who barely pays his bills with the pittance of a pension he has. I’ve been subjected to the worst betrayal and public humiliation possible at the hands of someone I previously forgave for taking something from me at a time I fully believed i needed to protect myself. She did all of this because she was asked to and led to believe it was for some higher purpose. I’ve been subjected to fucking jokes at my expense in regard to that humiliation and months upon months of people trying to fuck with my head in regard to her. Not that it needed to be added to, what’s already been done was MORE than bad enough. I love her more than I can tell her but I don’t trust her at all and honestly don’t know if I’ll ever be able to given her consistent pattern of betraying me whenever she’s been asked to by people she trusts. I don’t blame her I blame the people she trusts. YOU DESTROYED OUR FAMILY. For what? A job. A fucking job.

You know what? My friend was right. You have used all the best parts of me against me to turn me into this monster. You used the fact I wanted to help someone to drag me back into this and sat back and watched as she nearly destroyed me and nearly destroyed my relationship to my brother. Because you felt I needed to be punished for being prideful. Then you used the fact i wanted to help someone else against me to manipulate me into the situation I now find myself in. You used my family and my friends against me to keep motivating me do something I would have done anyway had you just been straight with me about what was expected of me. You took my entire life away from me, my altered friendships, destroyed my fucking family and have driven me to the point of making me psychotic. For a job. To try to make me into something I’m not. Someone who puts the job before the everything else. I’ve sacrificed EVERYTHING and still you want to spin the narrative to make it seem as if I’m being unreasonable and out of order when I’ve finally been pushed so far I fucking snap and so no more. Not anymore. You used everything good about me against me and destroyed everything in my life for the sake of something that has been repeatedly reinforced to me as being about everything but what it should be. Performance of a job. When I’ve objected that job which to me is 100% about being with people I’ve been through literal hell with and about seeing my family, you hold all of that over my head threaten me with replacement and give me ultimatums. What’s worse is knowing that if I don’t go along with this insanity it’s not just the job I lose but those people too. I know I’ll never see them again.

YOU all created this situation which you now try to force me to continue dealing with and give me impossible choices to make. I’m done with this no win situation bullshit. Done letting anyone else control this narrative. I’ve done a LOT of catering to a situation I never asked to be in and I don’t care what the supposed reward is because NOTHING YOURE GOING TO GIVE ME IS GOING TO FIX A BROKEN FAMILY IS IT?

I’m not jumping through any more hoops; marching to the beat of anyone else’s drum or giving a damn about whatever version of events people want to concoct that puts them in the right and me in the wrong. Im ignorant? Of what? If I’m ignorant of anything it’s the advice I was given 20 years ago that I should have listened to because not listening to it has cost me EVERYTHING.

I tried to reason with you all and work out a compromise. In return I get orders to do something I couldn’t do even if I wanted to. I didn’t create this situation. YOU all did. I’m just the guy walking away from it now because I HAVE HAD WAY MORE THAN ENOUGH

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Lonely Sandwich

The way The Weekend's songs are so unique just makes listening to them so worth it😌

Jitendra Fulzele


Bad Vibes

The Weeknd Shot to Death In Miami Florida RIP💔💔

Aaditya Sharma




Jack Sir


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Abimael Gonzalez

Cada canción que ha hecho este hombre el 95% me ha encantado muchísimo, no por nada tengo una lista de reproducciónes con 60 canciones de el. No lo escucho 24/7 pero me encanta, me fascina, me apasiona demasiado su música 🤌🏻❤️

Kleopatra Egyptidou

Me fascina😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣


X4 jsjs

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