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That Is the Way to Make a Broken Heart
The Willy Deville Acoustic Trio Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Willy Deville Acoustic Trio:

All by Myself Little girl don't you want to stay? I want to be…
Bamboo Road I wake up in the morning And I'll work 'till night My…
Betty and Dupree Betty told Dupree she wanna diamond ring Betty told Dupree s…
Carmelita Well, I hear mariachi static on my radio And the tubes…
Heaven Stood Still As a tear fades away And the dawn it drives a…
Hound Dog You ain't nothin' but a hound dog Pryin' all the time. You…
It's Too Late She's Gone It's too late, she's gone It's too late, my baby's gone Yes…
It's Too Late, She's Gone It's too late, she's gone It's too late, my baby's gone Yes…
Night Falls When the morning breaks, the sun comes up I'm still awake…
One Night of Sin One night of sin Is what I'm now paying for The things…
Since I Met You Baby Berapa kali Ku harus katakan cinta Berapa lama Ku harus menu…
Spanish Harlem There is a rose in Spanish Harlem A red rose up…
Storybook Love Come my love I'll tell you a tale Of a boy…
Trouble In Mind Trouble in mind, I'm blue But I won't be blue always, 'Cause…

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Comments from YouTube:

Uta Kramer

I wish he was still alive. I don't forget your incredible and distinctive music!!!😍🤗❤


Ahh. So beautiful. Thank you God for all the great artists you brought us. It is just too bad they have to leave.

Tina Ros

Willy and his voice - goosebumps Great!

Brittannia Moon

jack nitzche loved hearing willie sing this.

Johnnie Speereettoo

Willy the best broken voice and the best lovers singers


I actually only heard the lyrics on the repeat, was already too intoxicated by the sound/melody and texture/timbre.
The words seem irrelevant... but the movement, the breath, the noise.... feels good like moisture to a thirsty plant.

Gypsy Sally Lamarthy

Wouw, iI have to crie with this Song !!
Wat a Peformens !!!
Love you Willy, for Ever !!!!
Gypsy Sally.

Rory Fabbri

Thank you for a fantastic quality video. Absolutely heart - gut driven singing by Willie. He surpasses Roseanne Cash /John Hiatt and definitely Ry Cooder . You'd be forgiven for thinking he was paining over his some of his relationships through this song and these words. What a great rasp in his voice too! btw- where was this recorded? Is it possible to get this on dvd?

Gabriele Stockhausen

Eigentlich ein trauriges Lied.Aber trotzdem schön.

Jovicevic Goran

Oh Willy, like saint in the Cathedral

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