Who The Hell?
The Wiseguys Lyrics

('tis fresh)
La la la
Lala la la
I said it's fresh
La la la la
Lala la la

The universe is my ? so I follow
Sit absorb upon the ernst & gallo
Baby the ?
Even ??
...cause the world be gettin darker
Weather is forecasted
Rapper who get blasted
With thunder & lightning
And everything that's frightnin'
To the essence 'till I give 'em more
8 million bessahs?
They jealous overzealous
This joint is for fellas, and the chickens, and the BJ's
Influential DJ's
Spark this
Set the fuckin' party like the NOS sys
Spike the party, like Bacardi in the punch
No front
Hanging out in the ???

..before there was pop up in the op shop
Baby set the record
Straight up hip-hop
It's sad but true
But everytime I speak.....
Seems that ya fuckin style sounds weak

I'm just trying to get the freak on
Ya'll we goin on a week long
And on and on and on 52 to be exact
Ya know, I wrote the rhyme that broke the rapper's back
I reign supreme devils ..??
100% straight up
Bronx royalty
When situations boil
We'll see who's really loyal
Toil toil toil 2 4 7 3 6 5
Now that's all ya read
But I'm ??
The first time that ya cherry got burst
Since ??
...only in the mind of the beholder.
Hooked up this beat w/ the mic. not w/ ?

Who the hell are you?
I am ID
Da S E N S E da S E N S E
(repeat x3)
Who the hell are you, who the hell are you
I am ID
Da S E N S E

The party's over here and if we over there then the party's over there
Got no time to spare
Lookin for da parties so I pack my own good vibes
Says ?? microphones
Now check it out
No matter how much gold ya got
I got da diamonds, da diamond mines, da diamond eyes
To the point where everything I do is fuckin sly
Crack viles
They line da aisles where I'm from
Brothers get wild so they grab guns
I stagger one, with my lyrical machete
Here's comes another one
Are ya ready are ya ready?
'till I
Rock ya head ??
Rumble from the bronx
The people are fresha
Maintain under the pressure
Pick the M-I-C up
MC ??
Turn the heat up on every burner
Brother while I free ya
The ? of my people
So everything I'm able to shake is rated LETHAL
The MC's and DJ's trying to get L
Flexin dolla bills but got no true skills
No worry no power no fret and never doubt
Get the bounty like the brother Boba Fett then we out


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