Japanese Folk Song
Thelonious Monk Lyrics

Sakura sakura
Noyamamo satomo
Miwatasu kagiri
Kasumika kumoka
Asahini niou
Sakura sakura hanazakari

Sakura sakura
Yayoino sorawa
Miwatasu kagiri
Kasumika kumoka
Nioizo izuri
Izaya izaya miniyukan

Writer(s): Thelonious Monk

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Comments from YouTube:


Heard this in La La Land and immediately recognized this. Great stuff!

David Maslow


Phileas Fogg

Haha the same!

Kim Hunter



Wow…truely amazed as I'm a Japanese, to hear Monk play this tune…

Schnefsky !

One of his best interpretations!

Marco Bertani

I agree with u

K Wilcots

A favorite of mine, gives me the chills...!

Vincent Jones

Simply an outrageousily beautiful piece of music!!!!!!

mu ma

I didn't realize that this was Kojo No Tsuki because the sounds are so different from the original song, but I like this too.

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