Thelonious Monk Lyrics

What is this?
Lotion music
I like this lotion music

Nina Dobrev!
Nick Braun!
Not Nina Braun
Or Nick Dobrev
Swagged out in the hot hot summer sun
And this track feels like a hot hot number one...

Oh... no... Summer joy here we go...
What...? What...? What?
Rub a lotion in to your skin...
(Nick, Nina)

Boy, it's hot!
95 degrees
"I think I'm stayin' home today"
What? Bitch, please!

See I 've got the lotion
To head up to the ocean
Forgot my sun tan lotion

Summer, summer, summer always gets me very nervous
Cause my largest organ on my body is my epidermis
I'm puttin' so much lotion on and they just tell me to stop it!
"Hello Banana Boat, no, Hawaiian Tropic"

All I need, all I need, all I need is my SPF!

Like fresh prince needed Jazzy Jeff

All I need is my SPF!

Call me a chicken but
I hate a roastin'
Yeah I'm tan but I'm easily toasted
I'm tanned cause I'm Bulgarian
Крем за слънчева
Don't mistake it for Hungarian!

I keep tannin', (tannin')
I keep fannin', (fannin')
I can't stop to push your toes in the sand
And let me hold your hand
While we're leathered up in this lotion.
Let's get real romantic
Man, I mean, girl!

All I need, all I need, all I need is my SPF!

Like Will Smith in the Wild, Wild West,
All I need is my SPF!

Applying, applying, applying, applying, applying, applying, applying the...
Apply, apply, apply, apply...

The sun is like a drug
I love my complexion
So I've gotta use protection
I'm not talking 'bout Trojan
It's not a secret potion...
(I guess I need the Ocen)

All I need, all I need, all I need is my SPF!

"The Pursuit of Happiness"
All I need is my SPF!

He puts the lotion on it's skin
I love you Will!

Writer(s): Thelonious Monk, Monk Thelonious

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Comments from YouTube:


The shortest version of this Also the most perfect.....no waste,told by two great storytellers,Monk and Rouse.

Becky Bigbones

No one plays like Monk...Thank you God!!!


Rouse. Rouse! He did not need artsy flourishes, he put it straight out there with power. I am a real fan of the hard Bop class of music. I truly believe that this performance by Charlie Rouse is the very best example of the Tenor Sax in Hard Bop. Just sayin ...


great, charlie rouse, thelonious monk, and frankie dunlop! dunlop speaks with his sonds deep!! swings beyond! just like mr. rouse, mr. dunlop is the perfect partner for mr. monk, his snare and bass drums enhance the conversation!


Might want to correct the spelling of the song title (Rhythm with an "h"). Thanks a lot for uploading this!!!!!


I know I've commented on this classic piece before, but just one more thing.I was in kind of a down state of mind until I listened to it..... and then... 😁

Metaview X

It's one of the things I like about Monk's music...called by some the "ludic quality" in his music. Cheers!

Ben Milstein

sick jam!

Jonah Jones

"Blue skidoo, we can too!"

Addison M.

Is that blues clues?

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