Ruby My Dear
Thelonious Monk Lyrics

Shaquille O'Neal F/ Warren G
My Dear
Chorus 4X: Shaq & {Warren G}
I wanna girl like my dear yea
{Tall, slender, brown eyes with the legit like this}

[Verse One: Shaq]
I wanna girl like my dear, that's my mom dukes
Someone to kick back with no fake no juice
Beautiful cars cool collective
Settle down chill out that's my objective check it
My game put my on the map at first base
Make up like cake in your face just ain't my taste
Some girls try to play me but yo I find another
because I gots that crazy game and I'll make like my mother
? speakin I'm like I'm tweekin
my buisness never leak in the street
The packin is so complete, like 7-up I never had it but maybe I will
In need a women that reminds me of Lucille, my dear yea


[Verse Two: Shaq]
Let's get it on I've been feeling down
Baby know maybe you can help me out
I ain't too proud to beg for some advice
Let the good times roll in the heat ofthe night
I'm supafly TNT Shaquille O'Neal
Reach out for me I'll be there you know the deal
Now ain't that peculair I found a wonder full one
ain't nothing like the ral thing buggin out having fun
A man will always be a man he sippin on? I understand
So let me stick to drinkin up these Pepsi joints
Dunkin, actin and rackin up these points
I look over I see you in the stands
I'm showing off actin a fool for you and my fans
I put my peace sign high up in the air
I think I found a girl just like my dear yea


[Verse Three: Warren G]
Ahhh a brand new verse to smoke as I'm? all the way
Cuz this DJ is kickin up dust from the urban Eastside
Twenty-First street and Louis that's where my funk ride
Chillin with my man Shaq Diesel, cock diesel
Yes it's me Warren jiggy jiggy G'z
So G-funk, we funk till the end of our lives
with respect for our mamas Miss Dee is right

[Verse Four: Shaq]
I'm glad i found that significant other
she remind me of my mother cuz yo there ain't no other
I treat her right like father MC
cuz I check Ralph Tresvant for "Sensitivity"
Behind every great man is a great woman
I keep it commin baby baby I keep it comin
and you don't have to worry about a thang
Cuz living in the fast lane just ain't my thang
Peace to Lucille and Miss Ola May
Cuz women of today like to play what can I say
I'm glad I found me a girl that's real
she reminds me of my number one baby Lucille yea

[Chorus till fade]

Writer(s): Thelonious S. Monk, Monk Thelonious, Thelonious Monk Copyright: Embassy Music Corporation, Embassy Music Corp.

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Comments from YouTube:

A.E. Garvey

First learned about Monk in a Music Theory class, and I had recognized him because my grandparents were jazz addicts. I came back to Monk and have only loved him more and more. Filthy Frank is OK, and it's totally cool that he used a masterpiece like this in his creations, no matter how silly they might seem. I hope Monk is remembered forever. I really do.

AstroBoy Cum

A.E. Garvey I know it was 3 years ago but I feel that it wasn't a filthy Frank subject or really belonged on that sort of channel, what George did with the song made me cry, laugh, and think, about capitalism and all its flaws...


I'm not saying Monk Is trash by any means! Good or bad, all ideas seem to 'foreshorten' into the historical timeline in a similar fashion.


A.E. Garvey it's hard getting older in the eyes of popular Western culture and so many things go by the wayside that we deem important. the Next Generation always seems to be suckling off the latest trash, which, for them eventually becomes Nostalgia too!

Andrew Bayard

Shhh, don't be reasonable HERE! Circle jerks are no place for normality!

yeet skreet

This makes me feel like he’s got a story that’ll waggle my eyes


Monk could tell you a story with his hands that put you home in your heart.

haha funni sex

Yooo my old account from a year ago lmao


if some absolutely filthy content gets people into Monk, I don't think there's anything wrong with that

Lemo Nayd Beats


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