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Bring 'em on In
by Them

All these wise guys trying to put us down
We gonna bring 'em on in
An' bring 'em on home

See them stumbling by the way side
See them stumbling by the way side
Though it won't sail, 'cross the water, yeah
Row-in boats a-cross the water
Pick them up baby, row them on
Bring 'em on in, bring 'em on home

Well, I was driving, in my Jag-you-are
Do-in' ninety miles an hour
I was driving up a clear way
It was just my luckiest day
An I, kept speed up
An I, rowed these boats
A-bring 'em on in
A-bring 'em on in

Bi-do-a, di-do-a, di-do-a-do

Now, I went walking down by Queensway
When I met a friend of mine
He said, "Come on back, back to my pad
We will have a nice time
If you pick me up, row me on
Bring me in, bring me in

When I stepped off the boat
And I walked upon the, dry land
Slowly, to the car park
And I jumped in, out of my mind
Out of my mind
Bring 'em in, bring 'em on in, bring 'em in

Ay-o-lotta, o-li-otta, o-li-otta, o-li-otta
O-li-otta, o-ah

Bring 'em in baby, bring 'em on in
Hey-hey now
Bring 'em on home
Bring 'em in, hey-hey-hey
Bring 'em on home, all right
Bring 'em on home

I said, pick me up, baby
Row me home, bring me in, hey

Bi-do-a, i-o-le, o-le-a, o-le-a



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Comments from YouTube:

Gavin Ball

grrrrooooooovy!!!!!!!!! scat on!!!!!!

Supersonic Mark

great tune!

Jim Rader

better version, fuzz ax-sax cool sound


trop bon !!!!!!


Not the THEM AGAIN version, maybe an out take still good job!

Ray Brandes

B-side of Call My Name


Still have the original, this is very very good but the first was even better.

Pigmeat Martin

"All these white guys trying to put us down" to kick off a song by a bunch of pasty White kids from Ulster. LMAO!

Did they look in the mirror before they recorded this one?

Pigmeat Martin

LMAO! I've never been stalked by a guy. This is interesting. Do go on.


Factual reality calls the tune, you're the ungrateful clown confusing "I'll hit you" with "thanks". Now go wash your ears and listen to it again, you needy fucking idiot.

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