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I Can Only Give You Everything
by Them

I can't give you more than what I've got
I can't expect to give what I have not
I-I-I can only give ya lovin' 'till the sun goes down
And, until the leaves of summer turn to shades of brown

I try and I try
But baby, you know that I
Can only give you everything

I can't argue with you to a-understand
'Cause after all, I am just a man
A you are on my mind
When stars appear and shadows fall
And when every little flower close
And no birds call
I try and I try
But baby, you know that I
Can only give you everything

I'll do anything you want me to do
'Cause I don't want to know there's life without you
Ooh, ooh, ooh,
Don't ever go and leave me in this world alone
I-I-I'd be like a little child if I was on my own

I try and I try
But baby you know that I
Can only give you everything

Everything, baby
A little bit of this, a little bit of that
And everything
Ooh, ooh, ooh

Ooh, ooh, ooh
Whoa, ooh, ooh
Whoa, ooh, ooh
Yeah, yeah, yeah


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Jake Mabus

Devil's Haircut!!! In my mind!!!!


@cathy struska Beck admits taking this album and using it


Beck took this album and re-invented himself

cathy struska

Beck's not a rip off artist. But this is close


Cat On The Howling Moon Records Beck played the riff,Noel Gallagher was not on this track or album.Though he did a remix of the song.

Tony Mack

Julian Cope ripped this riff off over 10 years before Beck on his "Reynard The Fox."

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Them were so underrated. The MC5 did a kickass version of this. We heard it in the Detroit area.

Kevin Mummery

I remember that!

Romulien B

Les Sultans in the 60's has made a french cover of this song "Tu es impossible".


Best version and original, I agree 100 percent!!!  Same is true of Gloria!

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