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Theo Tams Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Theo Tams:

Christmas Dream All of the lights are shining, Feels like the stars are…
Fair-weather Friend If I could turn time around and would I turn…
Here We Go Again What keeps you going Is the same thing that makes me…
I Ain't Cryin' Move out, get yourself a cat True love ended just like…
I'm Gonna Say Well people say to Pick your battles You are mine And by th…
Lazy Lovers Well though there may be sadness here And you could nearly…
Lazy Lovers 3:46 Well though there may be sadness here And you could nearly…
Let Go Never one to give up So you dig in your heels No…
Manhattan Blue I picture you wrapped in rays of gold I know that…
Reckless This isn't how it was gonna be Not part of the…
Sing When ever the sun doesn't shine when ever the clouds cover…
Wait For You So the truth came out But I took my anger and…
When I Said Goodbye As soon as the words were spoken And I saw that…

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Comments from YouTube:

Alphy Adventures

I remember watching this and creating that same explosive banana in Minecraft

BlackBerry Deleted


Night Slayer



I remember being so happy when this was released when I was little


Ah who else loved the old lab? such good memories.

Arthur Clair

Me and now he has a son

Maggie Preciado

My first video to watch by him. Still my favorite. Never gonna change.
like if you agree


Is it still your favorite


Dr. Trayaurus accidentally clones himself, but thinks he will just be another helper around the lab... But the clone wants to replace Dr, Trayaurus and locks him away, then you realize the clone isn't your Trayaurus and you set up a plan to get rid of the evil clone! (Also, long time fan, love your vids!)

Aeromaster 213

7 years damn

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