Manhattan Blue
Theo Tams Lyrics

I picture you wrapped in rays of gold
I know that move, you turn your head so slow
Wish I was there 'cause your smile lights up the room
From coast to coast I throw my thoughts to you
As I paint this town Manhattan blue

Up Mercer street in the long light of the day
Through the square where the gypsy singers play
To the hotel bar where we're all just passing through
From the other side of midnight, here's to you
As the streetlights start to bleed Manhattan Blue, oh

I want to believe
I'm what you need
Please wait for me

I see you there smiling in your sleep
I wanna be the secret that you keep
I close my eyes to get the perfect feel
'Cause I find the night begins and ends with you
And every color turns Manhattan blue, yeah

I want to believe
And I find it all begins and ends with you
I'm what you need
And with a hope I don't know what I'd do
Please wait for me, yeah

Here's to you, here's to you
Here's to you, well here's to you
Well here's to you, well here's to you
Manhattan blue

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Comments from YouTube:


love it

Christine Wiley

I really hope this song takes off!!! I've starting requesting it already!

Shannon Blackmore

I love this :)


And it's Theo's new single...released TOMORROW (March 29)!! :)