Try Jah Love
Third World Lyrics

A lonely soul was I without direction
I didn't know which way that I had to go
I sought the clues to life's unanswered
My mind's heart had to know

I heard you call while wandering through
The darkness
I'd walk a million miles to find that endless
That speaks to me when I am in temptation
Echoing my choice

Then you said,

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Marisol Correa

"In Loving Memories Of William Alexander Anthony Clarke
February 6, 1948 ~ "Bunny Rugs" ~ February 2, 2014
~Rest In Internal Peace~

"...Another Star Has Been Plucked From The World
A Star Has Been Taken Home To Heaven
The World Is So Sad And Sorrowful
It Happened On February 2nd 2014
A Day We Will Always Remember!
Never Again To See Him Sing On Stage As His Fans Dances
Never Again To See Bunny Rugs Smile Light Up The Stage
To The Roaring Sound Of His Fans Screaming

"We Love You Bunny Rugs!"

A Brother Has Been Taken Home
But In Our Hearts His Music Will Always Stay
Bunny Rugs Will Now Sing Among The Clouds
And In The Heavens And In Your Memories You
Will Still Hear Him Singing Loud And Proud!..."

Taran Gita

with no celebrations. One can drag and one can hope only for death: death will
come and relieve you of your dragging long affair. Love brings color: the grey
suddenly becomes a rainbow, explodes into a thousand and one colors, and the
drab and the dull become psychedelic. Love changes the whole climate of your
inner being --and with that change the whole existence is changed. Nothing is
changed on the outside --but once you are full of love you have a totally
different existence available to you.
God and the world are not two things, it is the one existence. There is only
one existence: seen without love, it looks material; seen without love, God
looks like the world --SANSARA. Seen with love, the world is transformed,
transfigured... and the very world becomes divine.
Yes, then in sight there is music. When love has dawned, then miracles
happen --even in sight there is music; in sound, a luminous silence. Love is
magical. And Kabir's whole teaching is that of love: he calls love "the divine
melody." The heart, pulsating in love, becomes a flute on the lips of God... and
a song is born. That song is religion.
Religion has nothing to do with churches and temples and rituals: religion is
born only when somebody pulsates with love. Each individual has to give birth
to a religion --and unless you have given birth to a religion in you, you are not
religious. You cannot join an organization and become religious, remember -religion
is not an organization to belong to. To be religious you have to give
birth to religion in your innermost core, in your very core: when religion is born
THERE, only then are you religious. Not by becoming a Christian but by
becoming a Christ, not by becoming a Buddhist but by becoming a Buddha,
religion is born.
When you are born in love, religion is born in you --and then your whole
life is a melody, a beautiful song. And then you will be surprised that nothing is
wrong: all fits together. Right now, nothing fits together. Right now, you are a
mess: right now, you are an anarchy. Right now, you are just traffic noise -rushing
in all directions, falling apart, disintegrating. Right now, you are
nothing but anguish, agony. Once love is born, you have a center. Once love is
born, you are centered --and everything falls in tune with the center. You
become an orchestra, a beautiful harmony. It is hidden in you: you have
brought it into the world, it is yet unmanifest. Kabir says: Manifest it --let your
love be manifested. In that manifestation will be your prayer.
A few things, very basic and fundamental to understand, before we enter
these beautiful sutras --the last of the series.
The Talmud has a tremendously beautiful story to tell. A heathen came to
Hillel --a great Jewish mystic --and cynically asked him: "Teach me the whole
Torah while I stand on one foot." Now this is impossible; the Torah is a big
scripture --it really takes years to understand it. And this cynic, this skeptical
person, says to Hillel: "If you have understood the Torah then give me the gist,
the summary, the essential. While I stand on one foot, you tell me all that is in
the Torah."

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Selections From a Music Historian

Gospel from the Islands! A worship song, if you pay attention to the words. Still sounds good!

man Desa

@barneslx aa

Stride Networks

Yes ....for the 1st time I interpreted the lyrics ....God is love him and you shall fine ..He is the key to satisfaction....Try Jah

Russell Simmons

@TK Englander i think i agree

Thomas Ricardo

Nb x z z zv. B n n ncvc

Sandra Roberts


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Margie Fischer

Loved this song the first moment I heard it.... and over thirty years later, still do!

Barbara Ibubeleye

My timeโ€™s listening to this music and being in the country 3 times a year!!!

Barbara Ibubeleye


Ruby Henry

I am sooo in love with this song. Always so fresh!

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