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Freight Train
by This Is Deer Country

Oh, ill-fated love of mine
Worn and ancient
Sinking years
Sinking years
Hoping to be kept in mind
For you
I would gladly waste my time

Oh, lord, if I could run
Swift-footed like a doe in fall
Running home
Running home
Without regret or backward look
Without mark
From the years you took
(oh, oh, oh)

Why, love waits ahead for you
When you've been free
From my clutching hands
Clutching hands
Grasping, groping furiously
Describes of what our love had been
The sweetness I failed to give
Oh, oh

Catch me
Round the throat again
Still my heart, my song, my beat, my hands
Make me sweet
And strong
What you wanted all along
Oh, oh
With a victory song

(Oh, oh, oh)

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