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Haw and Bray
by This Is Deer Country

How's the air filled with humming?
Relentlessly buzzing?
Smells like honey here, oppressively green

Oh, here I am, tremblin' and terrified
weeping and hazy eyed
while the wind comes rushing down to meet me

cowering in my doorway
frantic and fearin' a new day
but too frightened to leave the step leave the door leave my

baby you're mine,
I say it all the time
but next to words these actions seem inept and unclear

and we haw and we bray
mouths dusty with hay
we asses, we infants, we ignorant animal minds

Oh, mindless still am I
still stubborn and slight
still reckless as the day I was made, I was born

born a wretch, born alone
some small writhing form
likened to a stone thrown and tumbling through the water

water so deep, so soothin', so sweet
like the neverending sleep
we're all rushing to try

oh Evangeline, am I wasting my time?
what god do you know now
worth relieving my mind

oh, baby you're mine
I say it all the time
And I say it
And I say it
And I say it
And I say it

Oh-ohh-oh oh-ohh-oh
Oh-ohh-oh oh-ohh-oh

Baby, you're mine,
I say it all the time
And I say it
And I say it
And I say it
And I say it

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