Baby Ray Baby
This Mortal Coil Lyrics

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Benedetto Bruno

Always and forever, thank you to 4AD, Great Britain and the British people whose creativity, since the 1960s, has given the rest of the World hundreds of unique bands such as This Mortal Coil and music of unparalleled beauty, quirkiness and atmosphere. What would our lives have been without British bands? Thank you from Sicily.

Janice Ward

You have good taste...!!

Armin Hummler

This sound must be a piece from the lands of elves, it goes deep inside your mind, your soul, your heart... it may take some time, but sooner or later it will hit you... and after that happend to you, you will never ever forget this little wonder- and colourful imagination of a peaceful world - just in dreams, or even in reality.

Daniel Delayne

"Case the second: Baby Ray and his Little Brother

In this case a child had died at the age of eight months, and his little brother, aged two years and seven months, said to his mother every day after this, 'Mamma, baby calls Ray.'

"He would leave his play to say this, and wake mother at night to tell her, saying, 'He wants Ray to come where he is; you must not cry when Ray goes . . . ' One day [Ray] came running as fast as he could run, through the dining room where stood the table with baby's high chair (which Ray now used) at the side. I never saw him so excited, and he grabbed my dress and pulled me to the dining-room door, jerked it open, saying, "Oh, Mamma, Mamma, come quick; baby is sitting in his high chair." As soon as he opened the door and looked at the chair he said, " Oh, Mamma, why didn't you hurry; now he is gone. . . ." The child, who had been perfectly well, was taken ill and died nine weeks after his brother."

V Maniac_In_Black