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The World Is Our ___
This Will Destroy You Lyrics

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A Three-Legged Workhorse (instrumental)…
Burial on the Presidio Banks (instrumental)…
Communal Blood (instrumental)…
Little Smoke (instrumental)…
Quiet (instrumental)…
The Mighty Rio Grande (instrumental)…

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the world is our playground?
the world is our plaything?
the world is our future?
the world is our past?
the world is our oyster?
the world is our imagination
the world is our thoughts
the world is our creation
and whatever we, as the human race, shall make of it

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T'was an old username and I'll change it soon.

The World is Our Home


The world is our playground. Just don't throw rocks at the other kids and you'll be fine.

Joe. Jia

@gr8 Meme Wait thats illegal


@gr8 Meme bro this is the heaviest philosophical crisis i have everfaced

gr8 Meme

what if they throw rocks at you


The world is a beautiful place. Nature is beautiful and incredibly complex. Humans can be the most complex, intelligent and benevolent being in this world. We can love and use knowledge to benefit all the living beings. We can do a revolution in our soul. We can change. We can grow up. We can heal the wounds of each other. We can be generous and grandiose. We can decide for this now. We can change our history in so many and subtle ways. Nobody needs to know about our decision. It is our own responsibility. We just need to renew our commitment with our lives and we can do it now.

Cheers for everyone!


took the words right outta my mouth man lmao

Bradley Swindell

The world is our canvas, you play a big role in painting it

Julie Banks

I get lost in the depth of this song and it’s a beautiful escape!

Zeon Galaxy


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