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Thomas Bergersen Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Blackheart' by these artists:

Client The black heart Of the city Hundred miles being pretty R…
Cuff the Duke We go down To the lake To say our last, our last…
Darkwell All my desire Are the flames of the eternal fire Strange…
Deuxvolt Girl: Why do not you call me love? Boy: What is…
Élan Vital Break me Feed on my pain Tear down my hopes and dreams Suffe…
Eva Dahlgren Ser du så fort Det skymmer Det är så jag skäms Det mitt…
Motörhead Two sides to all of us, with me you get…
Motφrhead Two sides to all of us, with me you get…
Slipknot Hurt Me By V-mob All the pieces of the puzzle seem to…
Sommerset I've been caught… between the lines across my face The…
The Distillers The one time You lied You were high, so high My life in…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Thomas Bergersen:

A Place in Heaven Please don't sing sad songs for me, Forget your grief and…
colors of love Zakukala e kukuvitsa Uh Rano mi, rano za Gergiovden Kato kuk…
Creation of Earth Izlel e Delyo haydutin Haydutin enkesadjie Izlel e Del…
Fearless Партизан се за бой стяга мята пушката на рамо; Една сутрин…
Femme Fatale Nedo, Nedo beautiful Nedo Hey Golden Girl Golden coins and …
Final Frontier You conceal the hurt You conceal the pain The sun has come…
Into Darkness I will follow you anywhere Take my soul And lead me there In…
Rada Rade, Rade, belo Rade Shtо se, janum, tuy valnuvash Bavno od…
Two Hearts Namaarie A ' Maelamin Namaarie Maelamin Namaarie A ' Maelam…

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Jac Martin

People from all fandoms, professions, races, genders and ages love their music.

EVERYONE loves it. Why? Because it puts our thoughts into MUSIC. Because the notes they play give us POWER. Not physical power, oh no, far beyond that. Mental power. The kind of power that makes us yell "I CAN DO THIS!" That kind of power. And ANYONE can have that kind of power.

Kate Sam

Her Heart-
It had been days since Mirit began climbing the mountains. She was tracking down her past. Many years ago her people had been slaughtered by a clan, only she survived. Vowing for revenge, she spent her life tracking and killing the enemy. Now only the leader remained, she had saved him for last. When they last met he fled for the mountains as she fought his men. Today the hunt ends.
Mirit found fresh tracks in the dirt. Determined, she followed them.

As she trudged on memories clouded Mirit's mind; she thought of her family. Twirling figures floated in her head. She remembered dancing with her father. She was only a child then. How was she the youngest the only one to have survived?
An arrow suddenly came into view, flying for her. Pivoting to the side, she watched it zip by her face. She glared up at the cliffs, "Rufus! Come on out you coward!"
No response
She drew her bow, "My turn."

As Mirit quickly climbed for the cliffs, she drew her own arrow and shot it.
She heard Rufus cry out and fall from his post. As she closed in she found him tumbling down the other side of the mountain! Irritated, she stared as he recovered and ran for cover. Her arrow stuck out of his arm so she knew he'd leave a track of blood. Exhausted, Mirit decided to rest before she continued.

Sitting down, Mirit recalled the first time she had killed; she was naive, afraid, and eager. Her name was Mira once, but she renamed herself Mirit cuz it meant Bitter. The years of her hunt for revenge darkened her. She wasn't a little girl anymore, but a huntress without love or feelings. She had gone numb to the world.
But she held a small hope that she would be forgiven for not being able to save her family. Fueled by this, she rose to her feet

2:11- 2:23
Mirit found the trail of blood and followed it. As she stumbled down the mountain she realized she had no idea what to do once she has had her revenge. She had devoted her life to this hunt; she'd miss the thrill of it, but she also felt purposeless without it. The thought disheartened her.
"Hello Mira." A voice snarled from behind
The sound of her name alarmed her, she spun to Rufus. Before she could react, a huge rock hit her in the head.

Pain fogged Mirit's head as he fiercely beat her. She bent over in agony
"I underestimated him!"
"Poor Mira!" He mocked "What will you do?"
Anger replaced her pain; she drew a knife from her boot leg and stabbed him it the chest. Rufus yelped but pulled it out and swiped it at her. Dodging his strikes, she swung the end of her bow at him. Struck in the face, he spiraled to the ground
Before he could recover, Mirirt pressed an arrowhead against his neck

"Your days are numbered!" Mirit hissed
But she felt his blade at her throat and saw they were at a stalemate
Rufus weakly kicked her off him. Just as tired, Mirit swiped but missed his throat. Holding his bleeding chest he laughed "I admit it you threw me off guard back there, Mira"
"Don't call me that!"
"I see your heart has gone as black as mine!"
By his dire wounds she knew he was weakening and trying to stall. Lifting her bow, she drew an arrow, this was it

"You kill me there will be no turning back" His tone was eerie "Soon taking lives will be the only pleasure you'll have in living!" He smiled "Are you ready for that Mira?" Her skin crawled. "Are you ready?" He snickered.
She jeered and shot him.
Crying out, Rufus laughed, "Good Mira!" He sagged, "Very good!"
Panting, Mirit waited for relief, but none came. The pain, fury, and guilt remained... All hopes of forgiveness left her. She yearned to be comforted, but she knew there was none. Gazing numbly out to the terrain, she sadly whispered,
"My heart is black"
The End...

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This is still one of the best things I ever heard in my life.

Marie Albes



Me to

Noah Jacobs

Oooooh god I think my ears just came I gotta agree with you


Bloody well it is.This is pretty much the best one ain’t it? Actually no it isn’t. It’s better


Nothing comes close to this

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I was born too late to explore the earth
I was born too early to explore the universe
I was born just in time to explore dank memes

Noah Jacobs

Fuck memes they aren't as good. As jokes memes ain't allowed to be offensive people need to suck it up and not be sensitive I guess some memes are good and if you say well some memes are good I'll know your one of the idiots but still you cant do stand up memes now can you but you can tell jokes online and what about mimes a type of acting and comedy show me the meme version of that exactly you can't its not a thinew

Adriano Fernandes

Is it the liric?

The Maheen Man // TMMICE

Love how you copyed that from reddit lmao

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