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EpicMusicChannel (EMC)

Who ever dislikes this, has no idea of good music! One of the best tracks from Thomas Bergersen and a great love declaration to Thomas girlfriend Cassandra Wilson :)


Judging by the ending, I presume she loves him back? I didn't know that there was a story behind this piece, and I think it's really sweet and cool of Thomas did this for her!

Cassandra Wilson

I have the exact same name!!!!

hossein alipour

I'm sure downvotes has nothing to do with the music, maybe because it's so beautiful to be only 3 minutes long.

solo mays

@Vibranium Sound Healing you're trolling us. no one could dislike those pictures!



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This song is such a masterpeice. Why is pop, country and r&b have to ruin this industry - this peice of diamond is worth much more popularity than it's current.

Thomas Traumflug

People who produce such wonderful music must have a connection to something higher, something holy, something divine.


One of my friends, ironically named Cassandra, lost her father in a snowmobiling accident a few years ago. 
This song really reminds me of that time, and makes me wonder if this is how she feels inside at times.
Stay strong Cassandra!


Wonderful piece of music/art. It's emotional, powerfull and calm at the same time. I really wish I could find more of this kind of music.

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