Creation of Earth
Thomas Bergersen Lyrics

Izlel e
Delyo haydutin
Haydutin enkesadjie

Izlel e
Delyo haydutin

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Katie Black

I feel a story coming on when I hear this...

0:00-1:01 - The Earth’s inhabitants worship the gods of nature, known as the Elemental Gods, who bring life to nature, the Sun, the oceans and the winds using their powers.

1:01-1:31 - The King Of Darkness and his army arrive with an evil intent to take over Earth, and the Gods try to fight back, but are blasted and almost killed.

1:31-2:04 - As a hundred years pass by, creatures from land and sea get sick and injured due to the King of Darkness’ powers becoming stronger and stronger by the minute.

2:04-3:47 - A team of eight heroes team up with the Gods to go on an epic journey to find the story of their origin and save the Earth. They discover that they are descendants of Gods who were brave and strong heroes. They encounter the King of Darkness and successfully defeat him with the help of every creature land and sea.

3:47-5:48 - The Gods, the heroes and every creature in the world celebrate their victory with a song and dance, ending with the heroes having a group hug.

I know this isn’t about creating Earth, or whatnot, but it’s what I think of whenever I hear this. And I have a big imagination, so even if you don’t like the story, please refrain from negative comments. :)

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I keep returning to this masterpiece! Always gets me at the same spot. 🥇


@David Hennebach pppppppp


@Renee Scriber who tf makes these useless comment bots lmao

Renee Scriber

@David Hennebach people pp poo I

mohamadou bello

Yep Always 😎

David Hennebach

Right? Same here


Just discovered this song has an amazing secret...

The bulgarian song used is called Izlel e Delio Haidutin, and it's actually one of the few songs present on the two Golden Records on the two Voyager spacecrafts, meant to be eventually found by other civilisations one day, and to represent earth...
Now hearing that song echoing in this track gives me chills knowing what it represents...

Gancho Ganev

Awesome song. Another Bulgarian by Thomas RADA

Bizzaire Moosics

I was coming to this bc I saw an alternative way of the sounds music from 2 of the "melodysheep" documentary ost - "Children of Planet Earth"
And the other.. "The Timelapse of The Universe"..

Victor A

@Flavien Thank you very much for your answer!

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