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Thomas Bergersen Lyrics

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Rhapsody They began a magical journey to the ancient dragonland For t…

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A Place in Heaven Please don't sing sad songs for me, Forget your grief and…
colors of love Zakukala e kukuvitsa Uh Rano mi, rano za Gergiovden Kato kuk…
Creation of Earth Izlel e Delyo haydutin Haydutin enkesadjie Izlel e Del…
Fearless Партизан се за бой стяга мята пушката на рамо; Една сутрин…
Femme Fatale Nedo, Nedo beautiful Nedo Hey Golden Girl Golden coins and …
Final Frontier You conceal the hurt You conceal the pain The sun has come…
Into Darkness I will follow you anywhere Take my soul And lead me there In…
Rada Rade, Rade, belo Rade Shtо se, janum, tuy valnuvash Bavno od…
So Small See our beauty, We are so small, So infinitely tiny See our…
Two Hearts Namaarie A ' Maelamin Namaarie Maelamin Namaarie A ' Maelam…

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Long before the age of man,
Before kings set foot on this forlorn land,
It was a time of flame and storm,
And the flame raged, as the storm mourned,
Before the kingdom of man could rise,
It was dragons that ruled the skies,
Casting shadows upon the ground below,
No hope of mercy, only fear of foe
All kneeled before the dragon's wrath,
In the dragon's wake, a blazing path
But the beast's fury could be quelled,
All cowered before the beasts breath, it's claw, it's bite,
But its greatest weakness was it's own might,
And amongst the ash and flame,
Arose a noble soul, the dragons' bane
And with a single shot, the beast was slain
And so was ended, the tyrant's reign
The dragon fell, it howled, it died
And the fire dwindled as the storm cried

Ben L

0:00 You silently row your boat towards the island in the distance, navigating by the light of the stars. You've heard legends about this place, but never dared to hope that it was real.
0:44 You hear slashing off to one side, getting closer. You can't see what it is, but whatever it is, it must be huge. Then it stops and all is quiet again.
0:56 Through the dark water you see a great silver shape pass beneath your boat. Then it moves on and disappears.
1:08 Some distance away, you see a silver creature emerge from the water, and take flight. Heading toward the island, it passes over your boat and you get a brief glimpse of its shape, of its head, its wings, its tail.
1:27 Finally reaching the island, you come ashore, and see an enormous red dragon standing only a short distance away. Scarcely daring to breathe, you draw nearer. It turns its head towards you, opens its mouth...
1:32 ..and out comes fire. Any vegetation near you immediately catches flame, so it seems to be coming from all directions at once. It's hotter than Hell, so hot it hurts your eyes to look at it. You run blindly, coughing on smoke, not even sure which direction you are headed, but knowing that you have to get away from that fire.
1:58 So suddenly you don't realize it at first, you emerge from the inferno. You are on a rocky shelf, which luckily doesn't have anything to burn. Only now do you get your first good look at the island. Impossible cliffs rise from lush forests, and all around fly dragons.
2:16 You notice the red dragon circling high above, as if hunting. By time you realize what its prey is, it's already coming toward you.
2:25 Just as it's about to reach you, something slams into the red dragon. It's the silver dragon you saw earlier, smaller, but more agile than the red. They engage in a brutal mid-air fight, clawing and biting, all while trying to stay in flight. The silver manages to avoid most of the red's attacks, or it would be a short fight indeed.
2:50 The red unleashes a blast of flame, and some of it rains down towards you. Your thoughts then turn to your own safety, as you search desperately for some kind of cover. You finally find the entrance to a cave.
3:15 Safely within, you look out the mouth of the cave to see the two dragons in an incredible chase, pulling off mid-air maneuvers that you would have thought impossible. Through all the split-second turns, the silver always stays just ahead of its pursuer. As it does, it gradually makes it way towards the cave you are in. Too late, you realize that you have taken refuge in its lair.
3:36 The silver dragon lands next to you. It stares at you, seemingly just as shocked to see you as you are to see it. A wordless understanding passes between you. Then, terrified, but strangely calm, you climb on to its back.
3:42 The red dragon reaches the mouth of the cave, but is too big to enter. Frustrated, it roars, then breathes fire into the cave. The silver dragon takes flight, with you clinging desperately to its back, staying just ahead of the expanding flames as it navigates the narrow passages of the cave, going deeper and deeper.
4:07 The silver dragon flies out another opening to the cave, just as the flames begin to sear you, and you emerge in to the night. However, your relief is short-lived, as you see the red dragon above you, and getting closer. The chase resumes, with you trying perilously to hold on. You can barely tell which way is up and which is down, they move so fast.
4:28 The silver dragon goes in to a dive, with the red right behind it. You scream, as it seems certain that you are about to crash in to the ground.
4:32 Impossibly, the silver dragon manages to pull out of the dive, just brushing the tops of the trees with its claws. The red, however, is not so fast, and plunges, roaring, in to the ground to lie still. The silver flies away. It sets you down near your boat. You then row away from the island, never to return. You had always believed that this would be a place of wonders, but, in reality, it was only two steps from Hell.

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Music that sends chills down your spine, takes you to places one can only dream of, that is real music.


The place exists. It is known as the realm of perfection.

Phil Drake

THomas Bergersen is that.

Dwight Schrute

That is the most beautiful way to put it. I'm going to quote this comment often.

Jackson ϻarley



+Johan Lindell XD I'm dead😂😂

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Gui Caldo

I´m speechless. I can´t help but wonder why Thomas Bergersen doesn´t make epic movie soundtracks! He would most likely double the epicness of any movie.

RedMonkey Animation

@Gui Caldo Search Norwegian Pirate by TSFH, I think that it's very reminiscent of Thomas' ideas for Pirates Of The Caribbean.

Kilyén Balázs

Sadly, i been trying this, but the truth is...the music is to intense for movies and animation. have you ever seen a Hollywood movie with music like this? Even trough its super mega uber brutal epic, it would not cut it. Movies are primarily visual, like manga or comics, so if you give background music like this to a destroys it. In fact its like impossible to make it work...TROUGH THAT IS MY make it work. It would have to be made to fit the music picture by picture, frame by frame. Extreme editing, and recording. A masterpiece made to be the ultimate visual and musical peak of art.


@aerlas1 Heart of Courage wasn't made for the game. Was used in the game just like in many other adds.

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