Empire of Angels
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we all back together when we bury our friends

Sun was slowly rising behind mountains. Sea was shining with Sun, like millions of pearls. I turned my back. The Army was ready. But was I ready?
"Lady, Your dragon is ready." I turned to voice. "Okay, thanks." I said.
I missed my parents and other life. But I've already died. I couldn't live in Ceatra if I never met Etherus. But now, he's gone and we had to find him. But first, I had to fight with my 'sister'

"Hey," someone touched my shoulder, "are you okay?" No, no I'm not. "Yeah, of course I'm okay." Sorry Denis for lying. I'm a liar.

"Then, come on. Fly with dragon. She's missing you and she is hungry." I smiled. "Didn't you feed her?"

"I'm not a 'dragonsitter'" He laughed. But I could see fear in his eyes. He just wantted to make me feel happy. Will he die? I can't stand his death.

"Ladies and gentlemen, soldiers and archers, wizards and witches!" Master started to talk, "I know, we're gonna fight with our evil side! But, don't feel upset or don't be afraid! Because, our souls won't die during the war! I'll kill if I see someone cry. Did everyone understand?"

"What is he saying?" I said. "I think he just got drunk." Denis answered. "Whatever, can I... ask a question about something?" I looked his deep, blue eyes. "Yes, what is it?"

"Will you go to other world, I mean, your family if we win the war?"

"Probably. B-" He hugged me like it's our last day, last minutes, last seconds. I was hearing his heartbeats. They're fast. "I'll miss you."

I hugged him back. "I never forget you."


" They say there's a place where the wind is singing
A place where light is shining like gold
A place that evil is never reaching
A place where time never makes you old

They say there is a place where our dreams are alive
A place where the clouds rain fire and stones
A place where the stars are by your command
A place where our souls are not bound to our bones

And angels are flying all throughout this place
They named it their kingdom, their home, and their shield
They welcome all those who wish to seek wisdom
But hunt and destroy all those who won't yield

Can you find this place? I cannot assure you
It's not around here, or somewhere at all
They closed down the gates and vanished from eye sight
And their Empire of Angels can now never fall "

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@Snowfear 他说他醒了,

Martha Gregory

Yes incredible

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Imuyo Slappy

Up to this day, I'm still wondering why Despacito has more views than this.


Everyone we dont need popularity to hear some epic songs because if the world knows this song it will not gain its divergent way of music it will be common music so no one needs popularity only legends will love these songs


@ShadowNny im only 15 but every single TSFH music gives me more imaginations than hearing some shit songs around the globe


And yeah not all people are chosen to become legends were only small in numbers but every single story we inspire through songs like this gives us power and strength to become legendary

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