Femme Fatale
Thomas Bergersen Lyrics

Nedo, Nedo beautiful Nedo
Hey Golden Girl
Golden coins and Golden adornments
All those Nedo, are for you
For you Gold and Gilt.

Go Nedo, beautiful Nedo
In a wide plain field
To meet your dearest
To show him the gifts
Your Gifts, Gold and Gilt.

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Comments from YouTube:

Radina Dimcheva

Lyrics are in Bulgarian- a traditional Bulgarian song about a girl named Neda. Mr. Bergersen made a wonderful composition! I'm a proud Bulgarian, writing this right now, thanks to a not-Bulgarian and his great interpretation skills. :) Thank you!


Can you please right the lyrics?

Edinburgh The Gamer

what happened to her?


Can you imagine living with this sort of music so powerful in your mind that you simply have to share it? Thomas Bergersen has a beautiful mind and I'm grateful that we are the people he chose to share it with.

So ein Spast

this piece sounds like pain, sorrow and at the same time grandeur and adventure
it is hard to describe, but thomas is a genius for sure!

Sophie Figura

I love that the more you listen to a piece like this, the more you hear. This time, I heard the drums in the background, and fell in love with this piece all over again.

Angel R. Holguin

Thomas Bergersen is a musical genius!!

Adrian Iserhoff

Dude, he's a f*cking god

Severinos Blackheart

This song is heaven...
When I hear this melody my ears become the most important part that i could ever have as a human being.

Meghan Brown

I have no words, this piece is so beautiful.

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