Final Frontier
Thomas Bergersen Lyrics

You conceal the hurt
You conceal the pain
The sun has come in vain
Come on
You conceal the hurt
You conceal the pain
The sun has come in vain
Come on

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Billions of galaxies
Billions of suns
Many people explore the great unknown

Looking up and wondering
What's out there?
Is there another living life for
Or is it us just over there?

We may never know
The balance of space or time
But what we do know is that the evidence is worth more than a dime

The space we live in
The universe alive
This is our home
Great minds collide

J. O.

when I hear this song, I can imagine astronauts in the future about to embark on a faster-than-light journey to the closest habitable exoplanet to our Solar System.

0:06 - The astronauts get inside the new space shuttle of the future. Then the countdown to launch begins.
0:40 - The powerful, more efficient solid rocket boosters ignite and launch. Along with the super-efficient fusion engines of the new space shuttle just set at 70% thrust to save fuel, the ship quickly approaches 15 times the speed of sound.
1:10 - As the shuttle soars into the skies, the people from the ground watch in awe as we, humans, prepare to conquer the stars. 4 minutes later, the SRBs separate. They are finally in outer space, now 500 miles (804 km) above our planet. The starship, IXS Magellan, is exactly on that altitude.
1:24 - Docking procedure begins.
1:38 - Docking procedure complete. Previously spinning just at 0.5g to ensure a safe docking, they begin spinning the spacecraft to 1g to simulate Earth-like gravity. They orbit the Earth for a full month, waiting for the correct trajectory to our new home. Every week, supplies are launched to the spaceship to ensure a healthy and pleasant trip for the crew. After a month of orbiting the Earth, they charge the warp drive to its full power. As the warp drive is charging, they transmit messages to their friends, family, everyone they love, a goodbye and they promise to come back once the mission is done.
2:14 - The warp drive is fully charged. With the warp drive at 25% power and the fusion rockets working together, the spaceship slowly accelerates to the fastest speed a human could never imagine nor achieve before. They go into hypersleep for 6 months.
2:50 - 6 months later, the ship reaches interstellar space. Everyone wakes up from their hypersleep. They pass by Voyager 1 which is travelling at only 38,000 mph (61,000 km/h) The astronauts realize how far human technology has advanced throughout the years. At that measly speed, the probe could take thousands of years to reach the closest star system, Alpha Centauri, at 4 light years away.
3:00 - They prepare for faster-than-light travel. They strap onto their hypersleep beds. Countdown to FTL travel begins.
3:18 - The spaceship slowly accelerates several times faster than the speed of light. The engage into hypersleep for 2 years.
4:22 - The ship slows down. They finally reach the promised star system.
4:34 - There. There it is. The second Earth. We made it.

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Peter Gundry | Composer

Wow this is truly amazing Thomas, great work my friend 

Pavan Kumar

Do you know the person who makes it

Pavan Kumar

Wow,you're here love your work bro.

Just Some Guy without a Mustache

Interstellar was one of the most unforgettable films because of ethereal compositions, such as this.

Nerved Music

@Muhammad Farhan It didn't

Muhammad Farhan

When did this piece actually play in the movie?


Unfortunately this was only used in the trailer. And not in the movie :(


@Fabi can't blame him :)


you really a tb fan arent ya?

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After hearing this I don't think I will ever hear anything better in my whole life. Everything is perfect, from the melodies, to the percussion, the brass, Merethe's voice...the whole thing. Thomas Bergersen is arguably the best orchestral/cinematic composer of our time. 

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