Final Frontier
Thomas Bergersen Lyrics

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You conceal the hurt
You conceal the pain
The sun has come in vain
Come on

You conceal the hurt
You conceal the pain
The sun has come in vain
Come on

Overall Meaning

The lyrics to Thomas Bergersen's "Final Frontier" are focused on concealment and the idea that someone is hiding their hurt and pain from the outside world. The first two lines imply that there is a deeper hurt and pain that someone is experiencing, but they are holding it internally and not showing it to others. The repetition of these lines reinforces the message that this person is really struggling with something but is choosing not to share it with others. The third line, "The sun has come in vain," suggests that even the brightness of the sun cannot lift the weight of this person's hidden pain. The line may also hint at the idea that the world keeps moving forward, even though this person is struggling behind a facade.

The repetition of the first two lines in the chorus drives home the idea that the pain is still being kept hidden. The line "Come on" seems to be a plea--an invitation to open up and share what's going on. The repetition of the first two lines also creates a sense of ongoing struggle or suffering, as if things are not resolved and the pain is still present.

Overall, "Final Frontier" is a poignant reminder that even though someone may appear to have it all together on the outside, they may be struggling internally. It can also be interpreted as a call to open up and share our struggles with others, rather than trying to hide them away.

Line by Line Meaning

You conceal the hurt
You hide your emotional pain and suffering

You conceal the pain
You mask the physical or mental discomfort you feel

The sun has come in vain
The light of day has no effect on the inner turmoil you're experiencing

Come on
Despite your pain, you must carry on and move forward

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Comments from YouTube:

Peter Gundry | Composer

Wow this is truly amazing Thomas, great work my friend 

Pavan Kumar

Wow,you're here love your work bro.

Pavan Kumar

Do you know the person who makes it


After hearing this I don't think I will ever hear anything better in my whole life. Everything is perfect, from the melodies, to the percussion, the brass, Merethe's voice...the whole thing. Thomas Bergersen is arguably the best orchestral/cinematic composer of our time. 

Tubbs The big cat

I think exactly the same! I love Thomas B. SO SO much! Every one of his compositions sounds like heaven... Ah I can't express my love for him and his music this is just too beautiful and perfect to put into words..


***** ohh skyworld.. <3


black blade, two hearts, miracles, the list goes on, but honestly all of his songs are pretty close to each other, in the end its basically all about preference. ill always love thomas and every single one of his compositions

Apricot Blossom

I find it a little sad when people only mention Thomas. I think that Nick Phoenix deserves as much praise. It is arguable who is better, but I think they are best together as Two Steps From Hell.


AsgardianTimeLordPianist I agree with you though this is a Thomas Bergersen's solo track, not Two Steps From Hell. Would make no sense to praise another composer who took no part in this amazing track when my comment was about this particular one.  

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Akshay Dabhadkar Music

Thomas Bergersen and Hans Zimmer cannot be compared......Both of their music worlds are different.......Hans' world is scoring to picture and he has limitations according to the movie he is scoring....Thomas's world is Epic Music and his 4 min tracks describe a lot of things..... so they both are great at what they do and they sit on two different thrones.......

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