In Paradisum
Thomas Bergersen Lyrics

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Doobie Keebler

I love how this piece is not as huge or grand or enormous as Bergersen's other pieces. It's just five minutes and thirty seconds of pure beauty. Which ironically makes it huge, grand and enormous.


@lambdaman I think what they were trying to say was while this song isn’t as intense as other tsfh songs, it’s still does a wonderful job at portraying intense emotions.


This comment is total nonsense. Literally a bunch of contradictions. Basically a non-comment.

even greven

Guigley dafuk

Yeah Goodluckwiththat

Guigley I think I would use the term reverent...


I just recently discovered it... It's so.... Perfect.

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I'm an 38 years old guy, but 3:55 always makes me cry... I'm so thankful to be able to live with Thomas' music


3:55 to 4:30 has some of the most incredible base line movement. Just stepping down, absolutely insane section.


The 'Sun' album is probably my most favorite.

gene rizze

For me illussions

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