So Small
Thomas Bergersen Lyrics

See our beauty,
We are so small,
So infinitely tiny

See our beauty
We are but specks of dust
In the universe

Writer(s): Thomas Bergersen

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Caleb Jablonicky

#1: Hi everyone! I’m excited to share this moment of meditation with all of you tomorrow! This is one of the more delicate pieces from the 7 chapters and 5 hours of music that Humanity will span. -Thomas
#2: Hello everybody, this is NOT a premiere of Humanity, but a mass meditation event that will be approximately 5 minutes long, featuring a softer piece from chapter 4 of Humanity. -Thomas
#3: Humanity is almost finished but because of Corona I cannot record the orchestra and choir, so it will be postponed along with everything else in the world right now unfortunately!
#4: Hi! Thank you all for coming! I am very excited to share this little piece with you. I know you are expecting something loud and epic but I think these times call for something a bit different -Thomas
#5: Remember to close your eyes… this is a meditation event. Together we can reach a bit of peace in these turbulent times! -T
#6: You may have to readjust your volume after this youtube music :)
#7: That was it, thank you everyone for joining us today in this peaceful meditation event! I hope it brought some peace and serenity to your lives! Lots of Love - Thomas
#8: Keep in mind there is about 5 more hours of music in Humanity coming later., hopefully before the end of 2020. :)
#9: I will get back to composing more music now ! Thank you for your time, and next time there will be a lot more music, I promise! Stay safe! -Thomas
#10: Also for all those who want more epic music, Humanity is FULL of that ;) -Thomas


“You know... I have made some hard decisions in my life. Decisions I thought would ruin me. And those decisions hurt.” The old lady said as she lay in her bed, gazing at each of the children she had grown to love and care for. Children of all ages surrounded her, their eyes shining with reverence, the older kids also revealing a knowing sadness.
“I felt just as sad as you do right now, and at some point, I was even convinced I’d break. But you know what, my sweet, sweet young children? Those decisions didn’t ruin me. They marked me. They changed me. They are a part of my life that if I could, I would love to do better. But I did the best I could, and I don’t regret a thing. So you do the same with your lives, you hear me? Make decisions, even if they hurt, but always convince yourself it’s the right one first. I’ll be happy that way.”
She spoke as she smiled. “Now go and play. Kids shouldn’t get lectured by old women like me.”
They were ushered out by an older man, and the woman’s smile faded.
“Your Majesty?”
As the woman rested her head on her pillow, staring up at the ceiling, momentarily her once youthful appearance—her innocent, unknowing self—reappeared.
“When I killed him, I was devastated. When I read his letter, I was sure I wouldn’t be able to live up to his expectations... Do you think I lived up to them, Caesar? Despite all the cruelty.”
“...You are a fine Queen, Your Majesty.”
“And you have always been a fine retainer... I release you from your duty. Live a long, good life, Caesar. Outlive me.”
“Thank you, my Queen.”
The woman narrowed her dark blue eyes, and as her strength seeped out of her body like a river out of a broken dam turning it heavy like stone, with her consciousness fading, for the first time since her youth she found herself relaxing. Her worries faded to nothingness, and instead of memories of her life, she merely saw the elaborate gold-adorned ceiling as the Damned Queen drew a breath and at last lost her life.

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Two Steps From Hell

Join us for a live mass meditation event with the piece “So Small” from the upcoming album “Humanity”, composed by Thomas Bergersen. We urge you to close your eyes and let the gentle touch of this evocative choral piece transport you into a world of comfort and peace.

Shawn _92

also great song to listen while snorting coke


Thank you, sir Thomas, you are like my father. Thank you for staying in this world, God sent you to us during this war in Ukraine. It's hard to say, this music makes me cry because of the hope of seeing a better world here.

Carolyn Nield

It is a beautiful score


Coming from a background in science, of both the very large (astronomy) and the very small (biochemistry & viruses) I believe this. So long as we humans remain oblivious, in our self-centered & distracted lives, to the majesty and grandeur of the universe, of which are are a small part, we can't grasp our true significance. We are utterly insignificance in the staggering volume of time and space. And yet in one respect, we are enormous! We are that tiny part of the universe that can understand itself.

The Evil Overlord

Is this going to be the choir piece opening one of the Chapters?

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They used this masterpeice in the Harry Potter, Back to Hogwarts, their tribute to the actors on their movies, who later has died :D It was perfect !

Bryan Ribey


J. Torre

Watching the anniversary. Became emotional, this is a masterpiece.

Rebecca’s Stories

I had to ask on my Harry Potter pages for the song. I love it

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