Thomas Dolby Lyrics

Tell me about your childhood

At the tender age of three
I was hooked to a machine
Just to keep my mouth from spouting junk
Must have took me for a fool
When they chucked me out of school
'Cause the teacher knew I had the funk
But tonight I'm on the edge
Better shut me in the fridge
'Cause I'm burning up (I'm burning up)
With the vision in my brain
And the music in my veins
And the dirty rhythm in my blood

They are messing with my heart
And they're messing with my heart
And they're messing with my heart
Won't stop messing with me
Ripping me apart

Hyperactive when I'm small
Hyperactive now I'm grown
Hyperactive and the night is young
And in a minute I'll blow

Semaphore out on the floor
Messages from outer space
Deep heat for the feet
And the rhythm of your heartbeat
'Cause the music of the street
It isn't any rapattack
It isn't any rapattack

I can reach into your homes
Like an itch in your headphones
You can't turn it up
I'm the shape in your back room
I'm the breather on the phone
And I'm burning up
But there's one thing I must say
Before they lock me up again
You'd be safer at the back
When I'm having an attack

Hyperactive when I'm small
Hyperactive now I'm tall
Hyperactive as the day is long
Hyperactive in my bones
Hyperactive in your phones
Hyperactive and the night is young
Hyperactive when I'm small
Hyperactive now I'm grown
Hyperactive 'til I'm dead and gone

Stand up, hyperactivate
Get up, hyperactivate
Wise up, hyperactivate
London, hyperactivate

Written by: Thomas Dolby

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Neil Burns

@Andre Jones the fact that he's travelled even though it was with his family and at a young age will have been a huge education for him in itself.

He also looks as if a lot of his thinking is what you might call, outside of the box.

In otherwords he's very different, but that is something that should be marvelled at and embraced.

Thank you, anyway for your input.

I was still at school when he released Hyperactive, and that wasn't yesterday.😳🤫😉

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The Movie Dealers

Around 2004 I was driving down the Las Vegas strip and this came on the radio. That was one of the few perfect moments you get in a lifetime.

Shirley Pena

Thomas Dolby was undoubtedly one of the most original, creative and truly gifted artists to emerge from the fabulous 1980s. It's a goddamn shame that the damn Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's induction committee continue to ignore this man's accomplishments, as well as those of so many other great artists/bands from the 1980s!

Butch Cassidy

R and r Hall of Fame is a joke anyhow.


@Bill Smith Grandmaster Flash is in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

Bill Smith

Maybe because his music was not rock and roll?

Verte Bow

Hopefully, he holds the 'hall of fame' in low esteem, as does Robert Smith. Smith's 'underwhelm' at being inducted has become the stuff of legend.

Edd Chango

Did he get in as the keyboard player for Def Leppard?

Frank The Rabbit

Dolby is so underrated

John Neilan Music

He is but then...fucking Hip-Hop came along and ruined the whole music scene, and still is today 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


He is!

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