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Thomas Schumacher Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Thomas Schumacher:

Slow Knew you'd be here tonight So I put my best dress…

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Katrinka San Francisco Bay Area

I had so many different painkillers and prescriptions prescribed to me. Doctors said I would be in a wheelchair within 5 years.
They gave me all these painkillers and other pills and I refused to take them.
I moved out of the county and I moved into a house that had a pool.
I swam every day, minimum of 25 laps a day, even when it rained.

And of course, I prayed.

It's been over 18 years and I'm not in a wheelchair yet.

Swimming and prayers are the best healing powers for your body.

Thank you Jesus

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My son is in a quasi vegetative state. He is regaining, and is conscience...this video gave me so much hope, as I read him the news and talk to him like he is there. I dont care what people think, hes here, just cannot move yet.


How is he doing now?

Farhan Khan

@WSO how is your son now? Please reply


Hows your son now?? ❤️🙏🏻

noemi noemi

prayers for you and your son. God Bless.

E Askvig

He good now?

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Chimmy's Yellow Hoodie

Isn't his soul still a 12 year old boy ? I really wants to know how he adapt to his adult body. It must be really hard and confusing :(

Ching chong Johnny sins pp long

@S. it doesn't work like that! you remain the same as you were when you fall out of the world [pthis includes hermits, hikkikimoris, etc] the only exception is maybe when you hit your mid 30s when your brain is fully developed, and not being controlled by hormones/etc

Berta Roscher

How silly! Our souls are eternal. His consciousness grew with him, he simply could not speak, until he developed a alternative means to communicate. Such a blessing

SapphirePacificDivineAcerKärcherProgrammer541 HD

@jiujitsuboxer But 18 years at look. Interesting.

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