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by ThouShaltNot

Let the sable blood of the idol show the false and strong evidence
Passion reigned a thousand years, the cries of rejoice and lost innocence
All refrain join in the pain ahead
Can't relax or find the flax you said
You'll see - You'll see
Show me truth and desecrate it, hold be back, temptation burning
Strength and your dexterity, the deftly slip of painful learning

Covered nail and hypnotic baleful
I never had my pale skin
Tighter hold her throw her away
All but wisely chosen stay

Let the congealed blood of the idol sizzle through and corrode this bridle
Holds me in and blinds my eyes, but I live to serve, to be despised
All turn in and join chagrin ahead
Can't behold the words of old they said
You'll see - You'll see

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