The Introduction
Thousand Foot Krutch Lyrics

You have activated all our systems
Deactivation is not an option
You must find the truth
Remember, not everything is what it seems
If you don't stand for something, you might fall for anything
The end is where we begin
The end is where we begin

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The Intro should be at the end and the outro should be at the front because The End Is Where We Begin.

José Guerrero

Seems logic

desprez bruno

Type type du rkjkjc'est pas


SaiyanSpiritGAMING wow... That's... Seriously, I'm amazed 😂😂 (and my head hurts, because I'm trying to process it)

M-J Carbonneau

I seriously agree that they should have done that.

David A' Flores


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The EW Initial



We've been A Fly On The Wall for so long, we might be So Far Gone, there is only one escape. We Are willing to Light Up The Sky to Be Somebody. When we Let The Sparks Fly, we say "This Is A Warning." If you do not heed our Courtesy Call, don't be surprised if we put you Down. I Get Wicked until I know All I Need To Know. This is a War Of Change. If you don't recognize that, it will see your Outroduction before you even start your Introduction.But just remember, The End Is Where We Begin. Meaning you can not fully stop us. We always come back with more of a vengeance than before.

Thought of this like a minute ago. You're welcome.


This song is about 3 minutes too short! You tease us with that amazing guitar rift for about 10 seconds and then... it's over :(  I was hoping for an extended followup song on the album, but sadly it doesn't exist.


I like to think of it as an intro to a story. On the album it does cut for a few seconds, but there's still the slight sense of a response to the riff in the intro. The opening songs first few chords act as a small response but kicks off a different direction.

I mean you're not wrong. Just feel like it does sorta feel like the epilogue to a story

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