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Better Days
by Thrice

what's the use in hoping
when you always get let down
what's the use in smiling
when all you wanna do is frown
i'm drowning, in a sea of hate-filled eyes
and she's screaming
but no one hears her cries
is anybody hear to see a band
did anybody come to hear a song
does anyone believe in magic
is anybody here to sing along
people shove me down they're coming from all sides
and as i look around
something just don't seem right
i feel so all alone
though the people inundate
i see no joy or desperation
only senseless hate

is this the same scene
that i used to think i loved
or was i just naive
and were they always out for blood
i've seen better days,
but i know that we can make a change
i've seen better days but we can change!

Contributed by Mia M. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Jh Ford

As evidenced by the fact that they left a major label and have lost fans with every release since Illusion of Safety, its obvious Thrice did the opposite of sell out- their appeal truly became more selective.

adrien mata

They still have a huge following and still sell out shows and have well tours . Only problem is the supporting artist are always hit or miss and sometimes either super lower on the totem poll or completely different genres


I think the real strength of thrice as a band is that they were always willing to experiment and innovate off their sound. Almost every album had 2 songs that could have been part of the album which preceded it, and almost every album had 2 songs that could have easily been on their next album. So I never saw them as selling out.

However,I think a lot of the reason why illusion of safety was so beloved, is misunderstood by more recent thrice fans and thrice themselves (judging from interviews). Thrice has always been one to push the boundaries of their own music. However, illusion of safety and to lesser extent artist in the ambulance were albums where their experiments actually redefined a genre of music. Thrice was this riff centric pop-punk/skate punk band from California, and with illusion they taught us that hard-core inspired music didn't have to be 4-4 time, could be intricate, forget completely forget about strong structure, and break downs can be cool. Pick up a warped tour compilation from 2002 and see how different the compilation in 2003 on wards sound. While I think thrice today is a lot more polished and probably in manyways has better music manship, nothing past vhiessu really influenced music the way the early albums did.

Jh Ford

Collectively you're right, I hear a lot of people say they only like "old" Thrice, which they mean Illusion and prior, but I really should have said after Artist.

Sean Strozyk

I bet that they gained more fans than they lost after Illusion of Safety.

Oscar Wester

why is there a fart at 2:26?

Manny Martinez

i can listen to teppei forever


It kinda sounds like NoFx... Listening to this makes me think about the transformation Thrice has gone through over the years. It's interesting how they found their sound by experimenting on Artist In The Ambulance...... A great album which was the beginning of the original signature Thrice sound.


Anyone know the scale of the solo at the end?

Spiderman IronSuit

I remember when I said from the bleachers " You can do it" and Dustin replied "I know I can" 😱 He replied to my comment.

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