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The Rain
by Thunder

Sun beats down on this thirsting land
Burning my will away
It's many a mile from the eastern shore
And the hope I felt that day
We crossed the sea from the old country
To the promised land we came
Then we headed west on a thankless quest
To the place we staked our claim

Now the eagle that's circling overhead, he knows my name
'Cause the only thing plentiful here is the dust on the plain
Until God brings the rain

Wasn't always this way, back in the day
All life sprang from this ground
But like a slow-burning curse every year's gotten worse
So someday it must turn around

As the wagons are rolling on out they call me insane
But I'm not gonna let this land break me, I'll be staying
Until God brings the rain

God help me
Don't you forsake me this way
Am I nothing to you?
How much suffering must I stand in your name?
I'm only asking for rain

The sun sits high in a cruel blue sky
Mocking me every day
Last night I cried when a storm passed by
About fifteen miles away
In a dream I saw the coast once more
And I walked into the sea
I'd have been happy to die as that moment passed by
But I woke to this misery

And the way things are going
I don't know how much more I can take
I'm no kind of quitter but how long can any man wait
How long must I wait
Until God brings the rain?

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