Song for the Dead
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Close your eyes
Rest your head
You are dead

We're resolved
Travel safe
Star express
Earth to Earth
Surf the cosmos

Smell the space dust
Find your way home

Overall Meaning

The Thundercats song "Song for a Competition" has a chorus that goes "Close your eyes, rest your head, you are dead." These lyrics may sound grim at first, but they actually reflect a message of hope and release. The song seems to be talking about someone who has passed away and is now traveling safely through the cosmos. The line "close your eyes, rest your head, you are dead" is a way of saying that the person can finally let go of their earthly burdens and find peace in death. The following lines, "We're resolved, travel safe, star express," suggest that the journey is a safe and intentional one. The final lines, "Surf the cosmos, smell the space dust, find your way home," encourage the listener to embrace the adventure of the afterlife and explore the vastness of the universe.

This interpretation of the song is backed up by some of the other lyrics in the verses, such as "Into the night, into the light, into the great unknown" and "The final frontier, you have no fear, you're not alone." These lines suggest that the singer is speaking to someone who is embarking on a journey into the afterlife, and they are reassuring them that it's a journey worth taking.

Line by Line Meaning

Close your eyes
Take a moment to relax and clear your mind

Rest your head
Allow yourself to rest and unwind

You are dead
Let go of your worries and anxieties, as they are no longer affecting you

We're resolved
We are determined and ready to face any challenges ahead

Travel safe
Be cautious and look out for yourself as you embark on your journey

Star express
Travel at high speeds towards your destination, with the help of the stars

Earth to Earth
Connect with the planet and feel grounded as you move through the universe

Surf the cosmos
Explore the vastness of space and discover what it has to offer

Smell the space dust
Embrace the unique and mysterious scents of the galaxy

Find your way home
Discover where you truly belong and follow that path


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In loving memory of Kiki, my cat, who passed away today. You were a magnificent creature and your love will travel with me wherever I go.


Andrés Gualdrón damn rip KiKi 🙏


Aí fala sério


Andrés Gualdrón rest in peace kiki


I'm right there with you, Andrés. Mine was named Sophie.


Dude that was the name of my cat. She passed away about a year ago R.I.P

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Rest in Peace, Cooper. You were the best dog I could've asked for. You got me through my rough years as a teenager and through my transition into adulthood. I still remember taking you home when I was five and crying because I thought you'd miss the family we adopted you from. I love you so fucking much, thank you for blessing my life with your presence.


I'm sure cooper was very happy for a kind guy like you to look after him. Hes in dog heaven with his homies watching you closely and cheering you on for every score you take in life.


Thundercat's music fills me with joy while at the same time destroying my heart with deep sadness


I love that ...

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