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A Tear in the Open
by Tiësto

Gura mise tha fo éislean
Moch sa mhaduinn is mi g'éirigh

Sèist: Ò hì shiùbhlainn leat
Hì ri bhò hò ru bhì
Hì ri bhò hò rinn o ho
Ailein Duinn, ò hì shiùbhlainn leat


How sorrowful I am
Early in the morning rising

Chorus (after each verse): Ò hì, I would go with thee
Hì ri bhò hò ru bhì
Hì ri bhò hò rinn o ho
Brown-haired Alan, ò hì, I would go with thee
(repeated several times)

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Comments from YouTube:

Gariadh Scott

The opening part to the song was written in Scottish Gaelic by Annie Morrison, after the tragic death of her husband Alan Morrison at sea during a storm, hence the songs original name Ailein Duinn (dark haired Alan). Annie commited suicide seven months after her husbands death and shewrote this song shortly before taking her own life. Really sad.


I Looked into it to confirm. True story. Thanks very much for your comment.

Catalina Ramirez

Gariadh Scott wow...never knew the meaning of the deep

Myrteza Trako

I miss the old Tiesto


we all do :(

Mammy Belle

me also <3


After so many years, after thousands time listened...still gives me chills all over the body, soul and brain! Perfect track, missing old Tiesto music.


Makes me sad that all this will never come back in the "new" music. :(

Rg Dogan

one of the best tiesto songs. Here's my top 5:
1.Adagio for Strings
2.Flight 643
3.Elements of Life
4.A Tear in the Open
5.Ten Secs Before Sunrise


Love comes again, for sure! :)

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