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Bright Morningstar
by Tiësto

Air, The element 5th comes from the east.
Air is the movement, space and mid um of communication between all life.
Air is bellowed around us stars and skies and in between the essential eases that we breath.
Air share the secret the earth with us but we must silence our mind enough to hear a whisper.

Contributed by Michael F. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

OsM twc

When tiesto was tiesto.......

Attila Tóth

@Bestrancedotcom you should believe that.In the future.Why not ? :-)

strange man

@Bestrancedotcom yes but if he focus (bass)

OsM twc

@Hugo Hakvoort No I doubt it will get better..

TrAnCe FoReVeR LeOn Cristian

Will be forever king of trance

Иван Иванов

no, never

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Daniks 905

2017. Still sounds amazing, better than 80% of trance/progressive music nowadays

Ralph Chavez

2019. nothing has changed

Curtis Thompson

this song makes me want to cry about all the crazy times I had at massive raves back in 2007 and 2008. Made a great impact on my life.

Gautham Lakshmenen

true same here hurtful memories

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