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Ale EspLop

In my mind I picture.... 
- (00-00 - 03:16) a burned forest with all of its trees, animals and plants dead.. the sky is pitch black with darken smoke.. seems like there's nothing that can relive.. there's no hope.. as you look around, you wonder if there is something outhere, just something that can spark again..

- (03:18 - 4:36) then suddenly out of nowhere you see a movement under the ash.. its moving up and down.. the ash starts to give way as it becomes stronger.. like a trap creature that wants to be free.. its fighting through the hard thick ash..

-(4:40 - 05:03) finally a small part of a green leaf finds its way out of the ash..  while the rest of the green leafs are pushing and pushing slowly to come out from underground.. its roots are growing thick and strong like never before..

- (05:06 - 06:00) As the Sun comes out the horizon, it feels the tiny leafs struggling to grow and without the Sun's help it has no chance to survive.. the Sun starts shooting its rays ao the fragile leafs (hence the sounds like electric currents)..

- (06:02 - 07:05) The Sun starts to give everything its got to give those tiny leafs a chance to live again.. yet the leafs need more sunrays and so the sun continues shooting the rays without giving up.. it is the suns rays like a defibrillator that could give the leafs hope (hence the sounds like electric currents)..

- (07:09 - 08:16) The leafs and stems are growing as if they were dancing in a clockwise circle, the stem grows and grows while the leafs are caressing the rays of the Sun.. feeling its warmth and knowing what the Sun just did..

- (08:19 - 08:49) At last.. a beautiful flower is born.. its pedals are waking up, stretching as if it were in a long sleep, enjoying the amazing light of the Sun.. its leafs, stem and pedals are in full color as it faces directly to the Sun and bows.

- (8:51 - 10:23  The flower looks at the sky and begans to grow and grow.. it does not look below because all it can think of is to grow up and touch the sky.. the rays of light give the energy to the flower so it continues growing in circles

-(10:25 - End) The Sun shoots its powerful rays all over the forest and more flowers begin to grow and new life is born.

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othman van buuren

one of the biggest track of the trance history!

Juan Jose parao

Temazooo Tiestóooóooóoóoo forever 🤙🏻😅🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻💪💫😜💿🎚🎚🆙️🙌🌍🤙🌀🌀💯💫simplemente el mejor diyei que escuchado su vieja escuela su música yeaaaa mostrual 🤣💿🙋🏻‍♂️🤙👍🏻🤙🏻🆙️🆗️forever ((* * ))

Droid Droid

Outstanding track

Andrea Morittu



Send hugs to your brother

Mike Ciro

Kara Nebesnaya ok

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When Tiesto played with our feelings!


@Arian P LOL

Steven Cece

@Arian P haha!

Arian P

in a way he still is doing that, just not in the way we want him to XD

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