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Magik Journey
by Tiësto

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Bjk Bjk

I feel bad . I miss old Tiesto

Mammad Bughi

all of us too. Raise and Fall of a STAR.

derk mull

Don't feel bad, he's a multi millionaire playing shit disposable music to people who lap it up while he could be educating them and introducing them to Trance.

He don't care and doesn't feel bad, so neither should you.

Kara Nebesnaya

Power of Money


Hogy mi?!?!


That Tiesto died together with al the EDM souls who are waving at breaks wich take longer then 10 mins...

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TIESTO TRANCE > tiesto comercial

Efren Castillo

@JOSE MANUEL LABASTIDA SALAZAR Claro, pero lastima que le intereso mas el Dinero que olvidarse de la musica que lo dio a nacer :'(


+Efren Castillo sii de echo ese si era el tiesto la leyenda

Efren Castillo

+juan diego Solarte Este si era el verdadero Tiesto :,)

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