Suburban Train
Tiësto Lyrics

We go our separate ways through the portals of love
Truth was in creating, not the aftermath
Can't say I was nothing before you came into my life
But I will keep the memories for when my soul gets weary

Bittersweet stores, they always have no end
In the quietude of daybreak, we watch the sunlight bend
Can't say I was nothing before you came into my life
Now I'm late for the urban train to get back on the road again
Running thristy in the rain
I'm breaking through those clouds again

Lyrics © BMG Rights Management, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: Ronald Geldren, Tijs Verwest, RONALD E GELDEREN VAN, TIJS MICHIEL VERWEST

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Supernatural Forces

@FearlessBOB That's a very stupid statement he just made. By the way, You are surprised as He don't exist. 🤔

There isn't a single Created thing on this Planet Earth behind which there isn't a Designer/Fashioner. A satellite ? rocket ? an aeroplane ? an engine ? a computer ? a software ? a video game ? calculator ? a watch ? a table ? a book ? a ball ? a needle ? a safety pin ? etc. etc.
Imagine in a Planet with about 40,000 kilometer Circumference there isn't a single created thing without a Designer.
The Universe is supposedly 13.5 Billion Light Years Big.
And, 1 Light Year = Distance Travelled by Light in 1 Year.

Speed of Light = 3,00,000 Kilometres per second approximately.

Distance covered by Light in 1 minute would be,
60 (seconds) × 3,00,000 km. =

Distance covered by Light in 1 Hour would be,
60 (sec.) × 60 (minutes) × 3,00,000 =

Distance covered by Light in 1 Day would be,
60 (sec.) × 60 (minutes) × 24 (Hours) × 3,00,000 = 25,920,000,000 km.

13.5 Billion Light Years Big means Light should Travel this much Years (13.5 Billion Years).
And, Light would travel 25,920,000,000 kms. in 1 Day.
Distance Travelled in 1 Year would be,

25,920,000,000 × 365 =

For 13.5 Billion Years Calculation,

25,920,000,000 × 365 × 13.5 billion


25,920,000,000 × 365 × 1,350,000,000,000

= 12,772,080,000,000,000,000,000,000 kms.

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The cold Sun

2001: wow this is good
2021: oh shit, this is a masterpiece

Alberto Jerónimo

Now, this is A CLASSIC



Ras Bas

masterpiece done by not tiesto :)

Bogi Jb


Steve 75

One of the best masterpiece!

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This still Sounds good in 2021


yep in radio station Beat 100.9 from Mexico

Frode Johansen

Can relate

Andy Mellor

@Steve 75 i hear you pal, got to make the most of it and tunes like this keep us going. Never forget the classics 😎

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