Mother's Love
Tina Marie Lyrics

Heart so strong & tender
And a smile that dries every tear
And a hand that's rough yet gentle
And they kept me in line thru the years
She washed the dirt from my scratches
And a kiss that would make it all right
So many times I'd be wrong but it wouldn't
Take long
For mama was holding me tight

Mother's love could move... Any mountain
Her faith can calm any storm
Oh come what may (mama) you'll find a way
To keep the home fires warm
(4 bar interlude)

[Verse 2:]
She'd read me stories about heaven
Covered my soul with her prayers
Whenever trouble came 'round
I felt her prayers raining down
And I saw jesus standing there
Oh mama I know someday you'll go far away
And I'll grieve and mourn your loss
For every tear that I cry
I'll hold my head high and
I'll pray and lay down my cross

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