Aden Osamnat
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Les filles sont jalouses
Girls are jealous

Sobkh n allah sobkh n allah
Aytma elmedat s tiliaden osamnat
Tiliaden osamnat alistiqhlal wer lennat
Erganshnat dagh gharman wer lennat
Wer idjrwanat a arhanet

Overall Meaning

The Tuareg band Tinariwen is known for their powerful and evocative lyrics that express the struggles, joys, and sorrows of their desert community. "Tiliaden Osamnat" is no exception - the lyrics of this song speak about the jealousy and bitterness that can arise between women in a patriarchal society.

The opening line, "Les filles sont jalouses" ("Girls are jealous"), sets the tone for the whole song. The next line, "Sobkh n allah sobkh n allah" ("May God have mercy, may God have mercy"), suggests that the singer is aware of the destructive nature of jealousy and is imploring God to intervene.

The rest of the song is a series of verses that describe different aspects of this jealousy. The chorus, "Aytma elmedat s tiliaden osamnat / Tiliaden osamnat alistiqhlal wer lennat / Erganshnat dagh gharman wer lennat / Wer idjrwanat a arhanet," repeats several times throughout the song and roughly translates to "The daughters of Osamnat are jealous / Jealous over freedom and men / Jealousy of clothes and jewelry / And with it they curse and lament."

Through these lines, the singer is painting a picture of a society in which women are pitted against each other, fighting over limited resources and the attention of men. The words "alistiqhlal" (freedom) and "gharman" (clothes and jewelry) suggest that these women are competing for both material possessions and the right to make their own choices.

Overall, "Tiliaden Osamnat" is a powerful commentary on the ways in which jealousy and bitterness can tear apart a community - especially one that is already struggling against marginalization and oppression.

Line by Line Meaning

Sobkh n allah sobkh n allah
Oh my God, Oh my God

Aytma elmedat s tiliaden osamnat
I ask for the blessing of the families of the tribe of Osamnat

Tiliaden Osamnat alistiqhlal wer lennat
The people of Osamnat seek independence and freedom

Erganshnat dagh gharman wer lennat
They suffer from poverty and deprivation

Wer idjrwanat a arhanet
And suffer from oppression and injustice

Writer(s): Ibrahim Ag Alhabib

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