Tinariwen, Amassakoul 'N' Ténéré: We need your help!

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Amassakoul 'N' Ténéré
by Tinariwen

Nak Amassakul N tenere
Wer hi Ggrraw taKunt
Sshmara i adutan-net
Sshmara i Fad
D Tafuk

Zzayagh ad gglegh
Ar-hi- thedu tafuk
Dagh Tenere ta mallat
'Sagrawat eghaf takunt

Nak, Idaghan a da dagh uhuegh
Ssanagh da ta z' gruwegh
Ssanagh dih-a Llan aman n adghagh

S wineda imazwan
Wind' ad g'egh amidi-in
Hi taggan tinfusen-net
Taggagh-as tin-in

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