Tinariwen Lyrics

Send out the rallying cry, my sisters
All over the village
Under my skin is the fire
Of rage and anger
Shouted out at the gathering of my brothers
Suffering for far too long
And in my misery
Loud and clear
At the exit of the village
If the radio in london was closer
My sisters would let everyone know
That the fire has been burning for far too long
In our lost slumbers
For the burnt animals and the aged dead
At the gates of Kidal we must assemble
And fight
As strong as you might be
You will burn in your fire

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Claire Boyle

This music just becomes like part of your blood and body-pulsing and it brings back memories of morocco

Hassan Sidi

Tinariwen c'est une philosophie d'un peuple, c'est message d'un peuple qui s'adresse à une époque dans un language inconnu. Moi je suis Targui et je vous tout simplement que Tinariwen ils parlent de maux,de souffrances et de l'injustice que le peuple nomade touareg ont enduré. C'est un message noble et digne ❤️

Asammer ⴰⵙⴰⵎⵎⴻⵔ


Bay Ms

لله يحفضكم كلا تمشق ادغ لن

جوحا التارقي

اغريغ شتما نيتل اغرم

Kamel Azizi

Les grands groupes vive les frères Touareg

Abdrhman Aitsihaiba


Aaam Abdullah

تنرون زمن

مولاي صدام ميسي

Tre fooor


Tinariwen ...bravo...

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