Tinariwen Lyrics


Tamadroyt tamayawt edey nes wan tallaq
Eqqal tafarawt adagh nes tassalat
Nak akal in Timyawin timtaghen tedjedawin
Nak akal in Afara d Assamalmal d Assawa
Addawanagh Tarawant neghres fell as tadawalt
Ad andowagh tegherit har as tissel Tessalit
Writer(s): Ibrahim Ag Alhabib Copyright: Wedge (Inear Publishing)

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Comments from YouTube:

Lotfi El Jouhari

Very relaxing music this music take my pain away i love TINARIWEN since 13 years ago

alex bakale

Just saw a Tinariwen CD at the Record Exchange but was so cold from being in the snow I couldn't think straight and didn't buy it. . . but I remembered the name from long ago. Shoulda bought that CD!


Anybody have the lyrics translated to English? very relaxing.

Sumeet Kaul

How I miss Tameyawt
His walls are baked of earth
His village has turned green again
And his mountain boulders are smooth and long
My homeland is Timyawin
Timetren to the opposite mountain slope
My country is Afara
And the wells at Assamalmal and Assawa
I’ll climb the mountain of Tarawant
And sacrifice a beautiful young goat up there
I’ll utter a joyful cry that will be heard
All the way to Tessalit.

S t a r s Krishnan

Amazing music .. Mali needs all the support that the world can provide it...

amahagh ag tinariwen



The best



Joker 745

chanez love this