Toumast Tincha
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Walking through it
Walking in the winter
The desert
Then I see it
My beloved

Dancing through fire
Dancing through fire

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Tinariwen’s “Toumast Tincha” describe a journey through the desert during wintertime. The singer is walking through the desert and suddenly sees their beloved. The next line, “Dancing through fire”, is a powerful metaphor that likely represents the love and passion the singer feels for their beloved. The image of dancing through fire can also be interpreted as facing challenges or danger in order to pursue this love, since the desert can be a difficult and dangerous environment to navigate.

The lyrics may have a deeper significance beyond romantic love. Tinariwen is a band composed of Tuareg musicians from the Sahara Desert, and their music often expresses the struggles and experiences of the Tuareg people. “Toumast Tincha” could also be read as a song about finding hope and connection in a difficult and isolated landscape. The image of “dancing through fire” can also represent the resilience and strength required to survive in the harsh conditions of the Sahara.

Overall, “Toumast Tincha” is a powerful song that captures both the intensity of love and the strength and determination of the Tuareg people.

Line by Line Meaning

Walking through it
Roaming through the vast, barren land of the desert

Walking in the winter
Traversing the desert during the colder season

The desert
The vast and unforgiving wilderness surrounding me

Then I see it
Finally catching a glimpse of something special in the midst of the harsh desert

My beloved
The object of my affection or admiration, found within the desert landscape

Dancing through fire
Moving or swaying in the midst of danger or adversity, just as flames flicker and dance

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Walking through it
Walking in the winter
The desert
Then I see it
My beloved
Dancing through fire
Dancing through fire
The ideals of the people have been sold off cheap, my friends
Any peace imposed by force is bound to fail
And give way to hatred
My people, where is that self-confidence
Made of dignity and beauty of spirit
That our ancestors bequeathed to us?


الله ..
من هذا الرفيف .. وما مس
روحى من طرب شفيف ،
وحلق بها في اللانهاية في
أفق أنيق النجم ، صيداح
البساتين ، برغم عدم فهمى
للكلمات إلا أن هذى
الموسيقى أطربت أقاصى
شوارع روحى وأضاءت
كهوفها ،، شكراً جميلا"
ياطوارق على هذا التنغيم
العذب والمغتسل البارد
وشراب للروح .. شكراً ..

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Tinariwen help with my cancer and they make me dance and smile ❤


Whenever I listen to Tinariwen, I feel at peace with everything


Word ✌


precisely !




yesss ... precisely


peace in mind

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I cannot leave my apartment but I feel like my soul flies thanks to your music. Greets from Poland.


Yes, it is an Algerian band in southern Algeria, the Sahara


​@@abelkadernegra999from mali not algeria 😂😂😂

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