Walla Illa
Tinariwen Lyrics

Ulla illa
Ulla illa

Ulla illa mizimallat gatti lilla
Adjodagh nemshi shuya ahi netrogh ghur Mizgawa
Ag adam dish offa d-illa tallaqq dagh man illa issikta
As nezdjamegh arghegh taba ed cigarette ha turhena
Ag adam dish offa d illa tallaq dagh man illa issikta

Writer(s): Ibrahim Ag Alhabib

Contributed by Penelope S. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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MoonLight A

I am a Libyan .. I do not understand a word .. but I can guarantee one thing .. this music take me back to my roots in desert where I belong to ..To my ancestors..hundreds of years.. To my people ..who wondered over desert dunes .. traveled in dignity..and died in nowhere .. their bones become sand and ashes again.. wondering everywhere and visit every corner of Libyan soil.. .. Live forever my loved ones... one day we will meet... There's always pain around.
..SO LONG for now. !!


I know exactly what you mean.. ☀️


Thankyou for your thoughts.

Harald Strubel


yakoub laraba

your words have touched my soul, I felt the same thing <3

Aoutasamk Mikolan

but not yet not yet

Ølààm BòbáÇr

حبي لأهلي وناسي الطوارق والامازيق ♥️♥️🇸🇩

Alonza Robertson

I love this song. I can't keep listening. It touched something in my inner being.


جميله هالموسيقي عرفتها من المدون السعودي في
رحلته الي الجزائر لمعرفة الطوارق عن قرب

اسم المقطع : مع الطوارق - سعود العيدي -

MeLad Ahmed

#اشترك في #قناة
موسيقي الطوارق التي وصلت للعالمية بدأت من ليبيا

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