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Oh shit I'm way 2 on

Overall Meaning

Tinashe's song Nightfall is a melancholic yet sensual track that explores the feelings of being lost and disconnected. The opening line, "Oh shit I'm way 2 on," implies that Tinashe is under the influence of something, which is reinforcing her feelings of detachment from herself and the world around her. The song's hazy and dreamlike production sets a somber mood that perfectly matches Tinashe's introspective lyrics.

As the song progresses, Tinashe describes her self-destructive behavior as she tries to escape her emotions. Her admission that she "can't feel nothin'" shows that she has become numb to the world around her. She also speaks about feeling like she's "falling through the cracks," which could be a metaphor for feeling lost and worthless. She is aware of her self-destructive behavior but feels powerless to change it. She goes on to say that she needs to "get it together," but it's not clear if she's able to do so. The song's haunting melody and emotionally-charged vocals make it a powerful reflection on the pains of living in an increasingly disconnected world.

Line by Line Meaning

Oh shit I'm way 2 on
I've consumed too much of a substance and I'm feeling the effects

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