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Tinto Vox Lyrics

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69 Chambers It’s not disgrace No not deceit That make a stricken heart…
Charly García El tiempo vuelve a pasar pero no hay primavera en Anhedonia…
Charly Garcia El tiempo vuelve a pasar Pero no hay primavera En…
Chelsea Wolfe Emma Ruth Rundle Take an eye for an eye Take me down with you Take…
deadseraph Świat to za mało ja chcę jeszcze Niech moje ciało strawi…
Gisela This was not what I intended This was not what I…
Isadora Eden I'm alone again Like i wanted to be Didn't i say That i…
Kasia Kowalska Urojenia spychaja w przepasc nas Pelzam po dnie odbijam sie…
Overslept I was always told "You should never bury bones where your…
Pears Deep within attentions equidistance, this hollow sphere of h…
Silent Planet What lies inside the memories? Somewhere beneath the medicin…
Skinny Jean Butterflies and their friends They all laugh and they prete…
Stolas I've failed to leave this alone Attention drifts, slips thro…
Teramaze So many years searching my life Don’t let me down I keep…
The Crimson Trip i´d rather die, than give you my heart if i…
The Graduate In a dark room at the heart of the city The…
The Jimmy Swift Band I hope you're happy now, here's what you've been waiting…

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I’ve been listening to the wrong advice
I’m not talking about the video
I’m talking about sometime last year
My friend’s friend would tell me something like or something along the lines of:

“Why you so gassed for”
“Why are you so excited for”
I would sometimes say:
“I’m happy” or “I feel sad”
He would say
“That’s gay”

Why is it so hard for me to not pay attention to things like that

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යුවර් මදර් ලව්ස් මලීෂ

I'm really getting worried about myself now. There's nothing out there that brings me any drop of happiness


Same bro:(

Dan Keesic

Gotta find an interest in something that you considered before. Maybe start to try obtain a goal, maybe small or great. You'll get the feeling of accomplishment 😉 the path to fulfilling yourself. Indulge yourself in new different types of hobbies that challenge your thinking.
Just go home clean and arrange your personal space then sleep awake up with a plan.

Adwaith Anil

@Queen_ Kitty i am sorry ..maybe I am wrong.. around 1 year i am also mentally not well.. can't feel happyness.. maybe my society around me is killing me or my past or overthinking is killing me

Queen_ Kitty

@Adwaith Anil no it’s not. There are lots of people who feel happiness. I used to and I want to again. I just don’t know how. People like you make it worse. Leave me alone.

Adwaith Anil

@Queen_ Kitty this is called real life..

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I have suffered this symptom for 14 years. I've been going to therapy for nine years yet somehow I'm just coming across this word this year. So much for getting help

Sangeeta Lambh

@aprilcena423 which medicine u take for anhedoniia frd


@krazysax TV why do you say?

krazysax TV

No body is going to have anhedonia for sooo long

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