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Inside Out
by Tirzah

I can shout, I could complain
I could run out, or see him again
I'm inside out, you're obvious
It's so reel me out

I could wait another year
For you to change or disappear
I'm bored of lust, aren't you the same?
We've tried again, and again
(and again x9)

Now I've got, now I've got nothing
See if you end up hurting
When I found out that you never loved me
And it's just like I'm in this for nothing
Text me every now to tell when you're near or home [?]
I could wait around, well that's a "maybe"
If it's up to you, I know you'd let it go
You're only here enough to love me

I'm inside out

Now I've got, now I've got nothing
Now I've got nothing

I'm inside out

Writer(s): Tirzah Mastin, Micaela Levi

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