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To Be Juliet's Secret Lyrics

Life in a ghetto got a lot of applause
But some had their mood swings, were at menopause
Haters can't see us as rap figures
But we not black, call us Arnold Schwarzeniggas
There's a method in a way I say these rhymes without cussing
Just like you looking at your baby
Damn, how did this happen without...
'Charles you suck'
I choose to keep a deaf tone
I don't suck, I am like a nipple, I get sucked on
You looking at the best, the meanest team
And when I am singing, I am the slim Cee Lo Green
Now, rat-a-tat-tat everybody better scatter
Bangalore got a bunch of mad sick rappers
Brother's Main-E-Yak (Maniac) and I am just crazy
If you think he's Slim, might as well call me Shady

I take your Adam's Apple, put a worm through it
Tear your heart out and if its beating, man I flow to it
And record it and make a song with lyrics u hated on, the most
Play it, I'm proposed to my foes
You wanna fight now? I guess not
So lets talk and respond, get dressed up with vest on for the next song, I flex on
The way you're messing with me people just hope u gets home
But the chances are just less know, i press chrome so rest on!
These are the lyrics of a man
Smokey be like way too complex, oh Goddamn
People be like sober but they never understand
They nodding their head and they shaking their hands
I met this girl and she said blabdiba - that, blabdiba - this
Blabdiba... punch her, so I can make her 'shhhh'
Shout out to Main-E-Yak, Charles and Xstacy
Big Deal and Rob C, Bigg Nikk and Brodha V
Zing and Haji, Wattabottles, Adhi
Last but not the least me... Smokey
So turn it up a little bit, ridiculously killin it
Thought I fell but still in it, but you know I be chillin with my Bs
My homies are thinking bout this funny thing
Without the bees (Bs), how can you make the honey sing?

Big Deal!
Let me welcome you to the hottest verse on the song
Courtesy Deal, most deserving the throne
I am the king, they taking shots, tequila
But I'll say one thing, if I get little thirsty, you're pawn
Now, I'm that rapper that use family language
But at least I'm a rapper, y'all some Rahul Gandhis
Pardon my accent its just Rahul Gandhi
Now, please don't ban me like Savita Bhabhi, (hooo)
Rappers thinking they india's best
And so, whether they better than Mister Deal lad
Russell asked me to convey this message that
"Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad"
"BigDeal you sing good" and 'em fans say
"BigDeal you sing good", but nowadays its
"BigDeal, I love your rap I do
Now, please no? Teach me to rap like you"
No homo but except G'nie I ain't feeling nobody
And how did I get on MTV, I'm Illuminati
(I'm Illuminati)*3
Hmm, ok, you just saw a talker, I'm a Paul Walker
Meaning I try hard & I'm die hard
V, Zing, Sash, Main, Charles, Smoke, B, its time to rewrite your bars

I'm a scientific find that is supposedly, known to be
Enhancing Gamma Rays when exposed to me
My foes to be have woken up the rogue in me
So Imma make sure you kids never provoke another dope MC
On this mic I bring severe impact
And be a burden to MCs who want careers in rap
Nobody even know the last time your mixtapes dropped
But I drop a single a year and manage to still stay hot
You surely are an imbecile when you call me your rival
Cause every diss I throw at you has you swallowing I-Pills
Yo, with passion and zeal
Kicking you between your legs so hard, even your grandson'll squeal
Hidden in my vocabulary are bombs and arsenals
Verbally assaulting live Pythons in Parseltongue
Yo, when you grab the mic, people wanna turn away
Cuz you spit rhymes weaker than Stephen Hawking's vertebrae
What I'm sayin is as simple as this
Y'all are always meant to stay low like impotent dicks
Internet thugs, look I suggest you relax
Cuz a broken contraceptive's the only protection you have
My lyrical content be giving you nightmares forever and beyond
You'll never be able to be on the level that Brodha V be on
Trust me, Imma leave you battered and beaten
See, my fans are a legion who'll even massacre demons
Defeat an army of Satan's, have him embarrassed and leaking
So, come looking for beef and I'll send you back as a vegan!

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