Hello Love Goodbye
To Be Juliet's Secret Lyrics

[Verse one:]
I saw you walking in the street
Don't look this way love, please.
Just let my heart, let it go.
It took me back to that day
You turned and walked away
And said it's supposed to be this way
I'd be okay cause it was all the same
I guess our story is ending here
My pen could only write your name
You were filling every page, so fast.
Then we fell and died away,
It's not supposed to be this way
I'm so far from okay, if it's all the same then it's just you that's okay.

[Verse two:]
I saw you crying in the street
Don't do this now love, please.
We've been here so many times before
Take me back to that day,
I turned and walked away and said
It's supposed to be this way, I thought I'd be okay
Cause it was all the same, I guess our story is ending here

Take me back to that day, I'd make it all okay
I don't know what to say
I didn't know you felt that way,
My lips could only say your name you were filling every phrase, so fast but then we fell and died away

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Comments from YouTube:


Oh my god. This reminds me of myspace...

Ashley Apollodor

yes... I miss this


good times


ahhh high school days. 😘

Xerxes Cambaliza

What brought you here?
Missing someone?
Me too,

Hey its 2017!

Ruby Black

I can believe I woke up in 2020 with this song stuck in my head

Darren Lampley

I left my family finally. I was 17 and they weren't good people then. A friends family took me in and were really good to me. At nights I'd walk around town since they lived in the city, "small town." I was always scared about what would happen after but I listened to this song then when I was scared and it made me feel better. I always come back and listen to it for the years to come. Anyways I found my way, I live alone but I have a home and I do it all by myself. It's not much but I'm proud. I'm 28 and its 2020 and love this song. Wish others could hear and feel it. <3


This song just turned 10 today 💔

Julia W

Still listening in 2019 😂 Reminded me of MySpace.


Holy crap.. haven't listened to this song for like 6 years. Talk about bringing back memories. Both those happy and the one that did hurt. Im stunned. Just thinking about the past. Snap.. what to do. It makes me sad, or maybe happy.. I dont know.

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