Keep The Lies Up
To Be Juliet's Secret Lyrics

Keep the lies up darling you're keeping all the boys interested because what really lies inside isn't worth the time

You're the prince with stained words painting pictures that don't fit scenes who cares when you had the crowd you always loved the ovations

You were always an addict for dramatics
You were always an addict
But it all fades as the curtain drops and now you're stuck back stage with every backdrop you ever created
You were always an addict


And now you crash through stage exits running down allies that fit you but your following isn't living up to its name cause your crowd is still lost in the stage lights you left behind

Cause princess outside the theater you're hardly worth their time you're hardly worth their time

Contributed by Mia M. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Mikayla p fam starling kelkat

❤❤❤ I started listening to guys back in high school like a over a decade ago ❤❤❤

Jacob Morgan

of course covid has me bored enough to listen to this awesome song again and the first comment in 6 years was posted a week ago! I miss TBJS, reminds me of high school even though I didn't know them back then.

katherine kim

i just wanna play this to the whole school to show them how i feel....

StarVanity Ramirez

I Love This Band :33 This Song Is Amazing C:


does anyone know where to get their album? i LOVE them i just found them 2day but theyre not on i tunes or anywhere. help! [the video is awesome! fits the song perfect :)]

Sierra C.

I love this band they added me on myspace and iv been listening to them ever since


He has such a great voice!!!!!!! I was just clicking on random bands, found so many great ones including To be Juliets Secret. Luv it!!


o enjoy writing when i'm sad, and listening to sad music when i do. I love this song and this band

Tamara C

I love her voice and i adore her songs.(:


i swear its like this band takes my thoughts and feelings and makes a song out of it. i love the way they make me see how i care about him but at the same time how we are so much better off now. it would be better if i didnt have all the emotional ties to him. one day though my heart will be whole again.

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