The Masks Her Aid
To Be Juliet's Secret Lyrics

We masquerade around this floor
But no one seems to see what we are,
These masks they hide it all forgetting who we were

So dear just drop the act tonight I'll lose my mask if you'll lose yours, let us see what we could be for the very first time

O my lady may I have this dance tonight
O my lady may I have your hand tonight
We beat our shadows into the floor I'm all in tonight I'm all in
You beat your heart into mine I'm all yours tonight I'm all yours

So dear just drop the act tonight
I'll lose my mask if you lose yours,
Just drop your heart to the floor and make this last

May I have this dance just take me for what it's worth
Because this is all I have
May I have your hand just take mine for what I'm worth
Because you are all I am

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I heard this song for the first time about 3-4 years ago, and I couldn't remember what it was called but I always remembered the lines "may I have this dance tonight?" and "just take me, for what it's worth", googled them and found it, still love it as much as I used to <3

Darren Lampley

I love all your songs. <3 You guys are the best!

Destiny Louise

0 Dislikes! WHOOOO


@ICONicSwish me too :'3 <3

Nadja Kuehnel

Love Tbjs. <3

Jamie Christine

*Notice* 0 dislikes!! :D

Brooke Seales

It's everywhere this is the acoustic version.


we got 4 :'(

Aubrey Wilkerson

Could you change it to "The Mask's Her Aid by To Be Juliet's Secret" thats really bugging me >.<

Makenna Curtis


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